Sunday, July 6, 2008

On the farm


We have had a great week. The sun's been shining even though there has not been as warm as we have wanted. So I haven't felt very crafty the last days. I have some projects laying around, but I just haven't felt like knitting... Hopefully my "mojo" will come back soon ;)

Anyway, yesterday we went on an open farm to watch farm animals. Here is Endre and Eirin looking at some of the horses with grandma.


There was hens and cocks, and one some of them was wandering among us.



And of course there was sheeps there. This is Spælsau - it is adopted for the climate and was a domestic animal from the iron age. They are outdoors most of the year.


This lamb was very tame. And so soft to touch. Endre followd it around with a big grin on his face :) There was alos pigs, both pink ones and a black one, a peacock, calfs and cats.


But we have had some animals here at home too ;)
The kids found a frog and had him/her in a bowl for a while before they relased it in the tadpole pound behind our outhouse.



  1. It looks like you are having so much fun. I love taking the kids to the farm near our house. It's been around 100 degrees here the last few days so we've only been swimming during the day or riding bikes in the evening-no farms for now! Summer in Utah is dangerous! Have a great week.

  2. Likar bileta dine. :)
    Har litt "strikketørke" for tida eg òg, men det går nok over.
    Kos deg med sommar og (vonleg) sol.

  3. Trodde et øyeblikk at gutta skulle til å koke den frosken :-) For en sommeridyll, ønsker dere en fortsatt fin sommer!

  4. The sheep look so very soft! And I miss having chickens so much. I really enjoyed seeing your photos. :)

  5. How great for the kids to visit the farm. Looks like fun!


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