Monday, August 4, 2008

Things I have loved the last week


Love that we at least have had one day with high temperatures so the kids could dip their toes in the sea.



Love the beautiful scenary we have around us, no matter were we go. The first on is from the "toe dipping" day with the view towards Dyrøya and Kastnes with Andørja in the back. The second one is from our trip to the sea on Sunday. We are at Grønjord looking towards Mortenhals.


Love to have Erlend and Eirin back home agian after spending a week and a half at their grandparents. Love to go cloudberrie picking with them.

Love to sleep in a tent and hear the sleeping breath of everyone.


Love to have one more x-mas present done. A pair of socks in k1, p1. Knitted in Opal Acapulco #1304 on needles 2,75mm. Love the colors. Love that I have one more ball of this so I can knit up a pair for myself too :)


  1. Beautiful landscape pictures! I'm so jealous of were you live! I only see houses all around me, with lots of traffic. I love nature, I hate suburbia.

  2. What a beautiful area you live in!

    I've never seen or heard of cloudberries before. What do they taste like? Are they for eating, or making into jam, or both?

  3. Tammy: the cloudberries are sweet and it's hard to describe how they taste as there is nothing like it ;) They can be eaten as they are, made into jam, mixed with wiped cream and eaten together with "krumkaker". someone even make liqueur of it.

  4. You do live in an amazingly beautiful place. Love the socks and love that you are working on Christmas presents! I need to start!

  5. Flotte sommer bilder. Likte særlig badebildet veldig godt. Fine sokker også.

  6. Cute socks! Glad you're having fun enjoying the summer!

  7. Så deilig det så ut! Knallfine sommer også. Gleder meg til å se ferdig genser - flott mønster.
    Jeg var nordpå på besøk hos slekt og fant masse multekart. Dessverre ble de ikke modne før hjemturen. Virkelig fjellets gull - det beste jeg vet!

  8. Such beautiful photos. I do not know if I will ever get to visit Norway, so glad I can visit it through your blog. I think I have the same sock yarn! No time for knitting right now, I have to wait for the cooler season.

  9. I love your pictures from the beach. I wish I was there! Cute socks!

  10. Flotte bilder! Du minna meg på at eg kanskje burde begynne med julegaveproduksjonen snart.. ;)


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