Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Monster mom


Do you ever get the feeling of being a monster mom???
I do... And monster mom has been here quite often lately.
And I am really trying to get her to leave, but it is hard.
And I can not blame it all on the kids, even if they are eating each other eyes out several times a day.
The kids are yelling, I am yelling and I am pretty sure if we had a pet - it would be yelling too...
And I am so tired of it.
I need to think through what kind of mom I want to be.
I have to put my needs aside for a while and do things and play more with the kids.
I miss when we all could sit down at the table and draw without the kids fighting over the pencils.
I see that the biggest "problem" is to get all three of them to work together and cooperate.
and I have been talking alot about that the past days, so now Endre is going around saying to himself: "We need to cooperate" ;)
So there might be a light at the end of this thunnel!
But I guess as they grow up they want to do different things, and I wish I could split in three and be there for all of them at the same time. But I can't.
And I know it is just a fase in our lives we are going through, but it hurts when all I want is my kids to be the best friends in the world and not fighting over everything.


And I see that we need to do more together as a family.
Not just during the weekends.
It can be difficult when hubby is working late almost every day.
But then we just have to use the time we have.
So yesterday we went up to our lean-to and made dinner there.
Despite the kids fighting we had a good time (at least I think so...)
We need to turn the tv and the computer off more often and do more of this.
I am so looking forward to dark nights and hiking in the dark with flash lights :)

smiley lunch

But who am I really to complain?
I have healty kids, we love each other and have all the things we desire.
I guess I just had to let it off my chest....


  1. Hege, jag tycker att du verkar vara en superfin mamma!! Du verkar bry dig så mycket om dina barn och ni gör så mycket fint! Men visst, vi har väl alla de där tankarna ibland. Men du är definitivt inte en "monster mum", tvärtom! Kram.

  2. I'm sure letting it off your chest, helped. It always does with me. You are on the right track though! You are not a monster mom! ;o)

  3. What a great post. I think we all want the same thing for our families and it's nice to see it expressed the way you have. Thanks. Love the picture!

  4. We all have those moments! Good to vent once in a while!

  5. Thanks for your comments on my blog. I love TLE. Their service can't be beat!

    It's hard when your kids are small. (Mine are 29 and 37.) It's all worth it later. It's good to let off some steam once in a while.

  6. I hear ya. Some days (weeks) are just hard.

    Hugs to you. :)

  7. Ønsker dere alle ei riktig god helg! :D

  8. Hi! I'm Leenas sister who's collecting souvenir dolls. I don't knit at all, but I helped Leena to link you to her blog. Do you know what? We often are hiking with flash lights in the dark in winter in our villange in evenings !!! And moonlight in the winter is super too!!! You are not monster mother ! Ordinary mother that's what you are. And I hope you nice and warm autum with camp fire !!!!

  9. I do recognize what you are telling us here: I also feel often like a 'monster mom'. And it seems pretty normal that children fight over almost everything I guess. But those very special moments: when it suddenly goes perfect that is what you are doing all the efforts for.
    By the way: how brave of you to write all this down on your blog!

  10. Stor klem fra en monstermamma til en annen! Takk for at du deler:-)

  11. Jeg tror, at vi alle er monstermødre ind du har ret i, at man kan blive ked af det, når man egentlig bare forsøger at gøre sit bedste.

    Men bare vent, det skal nok blive bedre lidt om lidt ;0)

    P.S. Hvor er jeg glad for at se, at jeg ikke er den eneste der lavede ansigter på mine børns madpakker ;0))

  12. Good post. I think we all sucumb to Monster Mom once in awhile. :)

  13. Tusen takk. Det var nett som eg skulle ha skrive det sjølv. Godt å sjå det er fleire monstermammaer her i verda.


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