Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Book week ::: Day 1 & 2

I didn't notice that Anne over at Green Jello is having a book week until today. We are going to share our favorite children books. Since I am one day behind, I'll share two of my favorite books when it comes to illustarations.


First out is Sven Nordquist's books about the cat Findus who lives with an old farmer called Petterson.


The stories are fun, some times hilarious! The little cat gets into lots of adventures like going to the moon, fox hunting, camping, fishing, making pancakes and get lost.



And there is also the "muklene", they live in the house, in the garden and out in the forest. Tiny little creatures that only Findus can see. You can see them if you click on the pictures to enlarge it.


Another great illustrater is Kari Grossmann. Her books about Lillesøster (little sister) is warm and cosy. My youngest loves her books.


They have stories about Lillesøster who is around 3 years old and she does what all 3 year olds do. Who hasen't seen a cranky face like this at breakfast ;)


The stories are about what kids do on a normal day. Eating breakfst, potty training, going to the kindergarden, grocery shopping, going to the dentist, learning how to ski and so on. The kids can really relate to the story and the books can be read over and over again. I have read the books so many times for Eirin that she know them by heart and "reads" them too Endre ;)


Kari Grossmann has a lot of other books too, which I have blogged about before :) (scroll a bit down)


  1. vi har vel fem gubben og katten-bøker, pluss en film og to bok-dvder, unga elske dem! så d blir nok flere i julegave ja ;)samme me mamma mø og flere av sven nordquist sine bøker..

  2. j d e nissemaskina vi har ;) kjempekoselig.. no e d på tide å pakke frm julefilmer ;)

  3. Vi hadde også Gubben og Katten når jeg var liten, min absolutte favoritt både da og nå!

  4. I thought those first illustrations looked familiar! I saw English versions of the Findus books at an art museum here that was showing an exhibit of art from your part of the world. The Findus books (and others) were in the kid's section and Jackson adored them. Neat!

  5. I wish the books were in English! Oh wait, Catherine said some of them were....I'll have to see if I can find them. The illustrations are beautiful!

  6. Do they have these in English? My kids would love the tales of the cat, they love any book with a cat.

    Thanks for joining in!

  7. I'll have to see if I can find those books in English. I love the illustrations.

  8. Kakling i kjøkkenhagen er også en av mine favoritter, og unga sine også. Det er så artige tegninger!

  9. Hmm, skulle vært artig å være med på bokuke. Må man melde seg på, er det for sent eller hvordan gjør man det egentlig? :)


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