Friday, November 14, 2008

Langlue nisser


I guess that it's time for some knitting contens on this blog again after a week with books ;)
I found these guys when I was looking for something else. They looked so sad and cold with no beard and with their stuffing oozing out. So I grabbed them, sew on some felt for base and glue on some wool for beard.


Quit a change, right?
I acyually knitted, felted and stuffed them in 2003 or 2004... And have totally forgotten about them. I think I'll take them with me and try to sell them at the christmas fair my local Husflidslag are having tomorrow.

Pattern: Langlue nisser - the smallest size from Krymp
Yarn: Rauma finullgarn
Needles: 6 mm


We are having -15 C today, and the moon was up when the kids waited for the school bus.


  1. Disse var jo aldeles nydelige! Var de vanskelige å lage? Jeg har faktisk boken du har strikket fra:D Kanskje jeg også klarer det? Jeg er skikkelig nybegynner altså.

  2. Vilken vacker bild!
    Å söta små tomtenissar.

  3. Beautiful picture of the moon!

    I love those little guys with their beards and hats. Too fun.

  4. De måtte sannelig vente lenge, men de ble jo flotte da! :o)

  5. Beautiful picture of the moon. I can't believe it's that dark outside in the morning! I love your little men, they're adorable.

  6. Wow! It's that dark in the morning? I bet life would be very different if I moved up north!

  7. Oh, Hege, those little nisser are sooooo cute. Since my grandparents were Danish, we'd leave "porridge" out for the nisser on Christmas Eve. I've always thought they were such cozy, mischeivous, little fellows.

    I'm a little annoyed that it gets dark here at 5 o'clock now. I can't imagine starting the day with it so dark. Actually, it is dark at five in the morning when I run, but that doesn't count.

    Thanks for the welcome back. I've missed my blogging friends.

  8. Soooo Cold but your little guys look nice and warm with their new facial hair.

  9. You did a great job in reviving them! Poor kids, have to get up in the middle of the night! ;o)
    We had snow last night, the second time this year, and it's cold enough for it to stay at least a day.

  10. What a lovely gnomes.

    The picture of the moon is beautiful! Here in The Netherlands we also have full moon but it is not cold at all at the moment.

  11. Fine nisser :) jeg har tatt julepynt-eska opp fra kjellern nå i helga, så merker at jula nærmer seg. Men skal ikke pynte ennå, det er litt for tidlig!:)

  12. Hi Hege,
    Love those little guys! Too cute!

    Happy winter,

  13. Hi with happy Monday :))
    It looks like there has been some meetings of red-hat-fellows :))
    What keeps me wondering the question: what is the difference between gnomes and elves...are the elves those who does all the work while gnomes just "playing around" =)) What if you could try like leaving some yarns and needles,what is happening in night-time...readywear socks or are those who will cook the porridge...or if they will "heat" your Sauna :))

  14. I love the Nisse - I really should make some ready for Yule/Christmas (but am wondering if there's enough hours in the day!)

  15. Herlige nisser! Og for et vakkert månebilde...!


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