Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hello Kitty & Monster

hk mittens1

Like last year the kids get something knitted in their advent calendar. This year I have made them mittens. Eirin gets a felted pair with crochet Hello Kitty faces :)

hk mittens2

I'm so happy with these mittens! I have used a wooden star button instead of a crochet bow or flower.
hk mittens3

Pattern: From the book Krymp. And here's how to crochet Hello Kitty :)
Yarn: Hifa 2 and leftovers for the face
Needles: 6 mm
Hook: 2,5 mm

felted mittens

Erlend is also getting a paair of felted mittens.
Pattern: From the book Krymp
Yarn: Hifa 2 and pt2
Needles: 6 mm

So now I just have to knit up a pair of mittens for Endre. I think they will either have cars or elephants on them ;)

monsterpants#2 2

And I have knitted my second pair of monster pants. They will be a christmas present.
Pattern: My own, more pictures at Ravelry.
Yarn: 150 g drark gray, 50 g gray Rubin and leftovers of blue, white and red
Needles: 3 mm


  1. så utrolig fine hello kitty votter:-))

  2. Oh! Hello Kitty and Monster Butt are both very cute!

  3. De monsterbuksene er så utrolig kule! Mine fremtidige barn skal nok ha sånne ja!

  4. Did you seriously get all that knitting done in just a few days? I'm in shock! You are SOOO fast! Very cute knits.

  5. Eg har aldri strikka ullbukser ein gong, så eg er djupt imponert! ...men du får lov til å senda meg oppskrift på ullbukse viss du vil ..? ;)

  6. Absolutely darling mittens! And those pants are just plain scary!!

  7. Thank you for the link to the Hello Kitty crochet face. The mittens are super cute.
    I saw the monster pants on Ravelry and love then!

  8. Heidelweiss.
    No, the mittens have been layig around for a while, I just need to finish them. But the pants have I kitted during the last week ;)

  9. Those monster pants are adorable!! Love them. The mittens are great too. Lucky kids!

  10. De monsterbuksene er jo bare knalltøffe! Hvis du vil kan du få lov å strikke en i str ca ett år :-p

  11. Are the monster-pants for around the house, or are they durable enough to go out in the snow and play?

    1. They can be worn around the house, but here in Norway we use wool pants like this as a second layer under the winter clothes when the kids are out playing in the snow. It get cold here you know ;)


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