Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Handknit Heroes

Handknit heroes

Months ago I signed up for a sneak peek issue of the new comic Handknit Heroes, but I thought they had forgotten all about me and I had forgotten about the comic ;) Until today when it came in my mailbox together with a letter.

"Dear Sneak Peek Participant.

Imagine you're a teenager, and you have some...special powers. Maybe even super powers. And one day, at a sleepover, your best friend in the whole world tells you - you're not alone.

We're excited to introduse three geat superheroes in this issue: teenage twins Ana and Alex Miller and Ana's friend, Sue Ho. So how does knitting fit into their world? The same way it fits into ours - by sneaking into the little spaces and taking over your hands and heart. Jen Miller, Ana and Alex's mother, is the first knitter you'll meet, in Issue #1, but all the kids have a very healthy relationship with yarn."

I had to read it immediately. I'm not sure what I think of it yet... There is some loose ends, but I guess they will come together later in the story. And the mom knits in a lab, making something for the superheroes..?
I might sign up for a subscription to see how it develops ;)
And I almost forgot to tell you that there is a pattern in it - POW! Hooded scarf with pockets.
And ofcourse there is a Handknit heroes group at Ravery ;)

Thank you so much for all your kind birthday wishes!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Nordiske føtter :: Nordic feet day 3

nordiske føtter :: nordic feet day 3

I never paint my toes, so this is only in the occasion of my birthday ;)


And I'll bet you'll get rather feed up with my feet before the week is over ;)
So here are some knitting content too. Ever since I saw jettshin's Vinterbloms mittens, I knew I had to knit up a pair in similar colors! So I casted on last night and they are so fun to knit!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Fishermans hat

fishermans hat

After seeing Unsepus' "stygg lue" (ugly hat), I had to knit one for Endre. And as you can see he loves it. He wanted to wear it yesterday when we went outside to play, but the earsflaps didn't cover his ears very good since they just hang loose. So I had to crochet a ribbon in eash so I could tie it under his chin ;)

fishermans hat

And the hat really covers both cheeks and neck very good. Nearly no needs for neckwarmer.
And I've finally used one more book from my shelfs ;)

fishermans hat3

Pattern: Maltese fisherman's hat by Elizabeth Zimmerman.
Yarn: 100 g Viking of Norway Sportsragg # 583
Needles: 3,5 mm
Modifications: I have knitted with finer yarn and smaller needles than in the pattern. So to make it fit Endre, I simply multiply stitches and round by two ;)


And I have knitted some dishcloths. The two to the left is my own design, but the other two to the right is the DW Darrel Waltrip Dishcloth (free pattern).

Nordiske føtter :: Nordic feet day 2

nordiske føtter :: nordic feet day 2

The kids toes and mine ;)
As you can see I'm the one with cold feets wearing woolsocks. The first thing Erlend does is to take his socks off when he comes home from school, so that's him going barefoot ;) Oh, how I wish I had so warm feets. He must have it from his dad, because he always has warm feets that I can warm my frozen toes at when we go to bed ;)

You can see more nordic feets here.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Nordiske føtter :: Nordic feet day 1

walking in snow

I didn't plan to join Nordiske føtter :: nordic feet this week, but I changed my mind.
We have spent the weekend outdoors and my feet has been walking through lots of snow ;)

Aking / Sledding


Vi har vært i bakken bak huset og aka idag.

We've been in the hill behind our house sledding today.


Eirin er den som er tøffest. Hun setter ned bakken uten frykt og hyler av fryd ;)

Eirin is the tough one. She just go ahead and shrieks of joy ;)



walking in snow

Jeg benytta med av skaren til å gå meg en liten runde på jordet.

I took advantage of the hard snow and walked a little on the field.

fox traks

Og jordet var fullt av revespor.

And the field was full of fox traks.

pink clouds

Og sola erter oss ved å male skyene rosa.

And the sun is teasing us with painting the clouds pink.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Årets første tur / The years first hike

tur 1

Endelig har været vært på vår side og vi har kommet oss opp til gapahuken vår :) Med passe snø og skare gikk det an å gå opp på bena.

Finally the weather was on our side and we have been able to get up to our lean-to :) With just enough snow with crust on we could walk up there on our feet.

tur 2

Etter at bålet var fyrt igang, var det godt med noe varmt i koppen og litt mat.

After we got the fire going, it was good with something warm to drink and some food.

tur 4

De eldste har maur i rumpa og gjør seg fort ferdige for å kunne komme seg i bakken og ake ;)

The oldest have ants in their pants and gets done in a hurry, and heads for the hills and sledging ;)

tur 5

Og å gå opp bakken utallige ganger holder en varm...

And walking up the hill countless times keeps one warm...

tur 3

... men det er da godt å ha et bål å varme seg på også ;)

... but a fire is good to warm oneself on too ;)

tur 6

Minstemann går fort lei av å gå opp bakken, så da er det bedre å varme seg i et fang.

The little man gets tired of running up the hill, so it's better to warm up in a lap.

tur 7

Eller enda bedre, i en varm sovepose når det begynner å bli mørkt og kaldere.

Or even better, in a warm sleepingbag when it gets dark and colder.

tur 8

Men før vi kan dra hjem, må det akes en siste gang ;)

But before we can head home, just one more turn down the hill ;)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Basic socks

the sun is teasing us..

The sun has starting to tease us by painting the clouds pink...

basic socks3

I've spent the day finishing a pair of socks. And the satisfaction to see a pair of socks ready to wear on the table next to a warm cup of tea is great! But as soon as I sew in the last tread of yarn and admire my last creation, I feel that my fingers gets restless. What to knit next? Which project shall I continue working on OR what project shall I cast on? Do you feel the same?

basic socks2

And I love these socks! The colors are so beautiful. And I think this is the first pair of socks where I think the black and white dosn't disturb the rest of the colors.

basic socks1

Pattern: Basic socks with two different heels from Drops.
Yarn: 100 g Opal Traumfänger/Dreamcatcher # 1232
Needles: 2, 75 mm

Friday flickr favorites - Enjoy :)

Friday flickr favorites - Enjoy :)

Created with fd's Flickr Toys.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

3rd pair of monster pants and some painting.

monsterpants#3 1

I've knitted a new pair of monster pants for my cousin cormz's youngest. It was a quick knit, but sewing in all the ends, well, you know ;) Takes some time

monsterpants#3 2

Since I don't have a model in the right size, a doll have to do the use.
Pattern: My own, inspired by crankypantsknits pants.
Yarn: Mor Aase, 10o g black and 5o g in each shade of blue. Leftovers of black, red and white.
Needles: 3 mm.

And cormz, you'll have to give us some action photos ;)
(And I cross my fingers and hope it fits.)


Endre and I have been busy painting today. He on his easel...


... and I on this plate.


Want to win some yarn??

Then head over to Handlas Hantverk ;)
All you have to do is to link to her
competition in your blog.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Almost too much snow...

feeding the birds

There has been very little knitting around here the last days.... Because of the snow. It's been like WHOOF - and there it was, 1 meter of snow. So we've been shoveling every day. Making a footpath in the garden so we can feed the birds, shoveling the snow off our roofs and ofcourse the kids are thrilled. It's not every day they can sledge in our yard (on the hills of snow we have shoveld...). But I guess we just have to enjoy it as long as we have it, because the weather forcast for the weekend is rain...

reading in the dark

We've also been withour electricity the other night, so we had to read our books with head - and flashlights ;)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Knitting party

monsterpants #3

Then I got time for Muffin's knit party. She is knitting some beautiful mittens that you can win if you post a comment on her blog. And the cat socks she has on her needles are just stunning! I have brought my favorite tea cup and I'm knitting on my 3rd pair of monster pants. Hope you like the colors Cormz ;) The picture is making the colors more purple than blue... Can't wait to get more daylight *sigh*

The snow has been pouring down since Tuesday, and it seems like there is no end of it... The kids are happy though :)


Knit party

Muffin has invited everyone to a teaparty tonight at 8. So bring your favorite tea/coffee cup and your knitting (or another craft project) with you :) Leave her a comment if you'd like to join us ;)