Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fröken Skicklig

I've been meaning to make a post about this lovely blog - Fröken Skicklig, and now is a good time since she is having a give away :)

I first came across her beautiful work at flickr, witch led me to her blog. And I can't wait to the 28th when she open her etsy shop!


  1. I discovered her blog a few months ago now and loved all those beautiful dolls that she made. She is one very talented lady and I must write down her website so I dont forget about it again.

  2. Her dolls are really fabulous - I've been following her blog for a little while now.

    I really need to start putting away a bit of money so I can buy one *sigh*

  3. I'll have to go and look - aren't they gorgeous
    lisa x

  4. Tack så mycket, snälla! Jag skickar snöflingor norrut och varma hälsningar...


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