Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The sun is back :)

the sun is back

There's been things happening in my life in the last weeks, so both my knitting and blogging mojo got lost... *sigh* But I'm back, and so is the sun :) I'm really looking forward to lighter days and with all the cold wind the snow is hard now. Hopefully the weather will be great when the weekend comes, so we can head out in the forest for some sledding ;)
Lot of my time has been spent on Facebook too. I've been trying to stay away from it, but since "everybody" is there I had to chech it out ;) You can friend me here ;)


Even though here hasn't been much knitting, I do have a couple of socks done. Easy mindless knitting infront of the tv is ;) This is a pair of "raggsocks" for hubby.
Pattern: 52 st, k2, p2
Yarn: 100 g Mor Aase Raggegrn #6282 & 50 g Raggegrn #021
Needles: 3,5 mm

pink sock

And a pair to go in the christmas gift box ;)
Yarn: Opal Acapulco #1306
Needles: 2,5 mm


  1. It must be such a relief when the sun is back again after all those dark months.

    Glad you are back by the way. (You were not away for very long?!)

  2. Such a lovely sunrise shot! Socks are always welcome! :o)

  3. Love your socks! Glad the sun came out and hopefully you will get to enjoy it.

  4. Love the socks and the picture of the sun is beautiful. Hooray for almost spring!

  5. The sun is back here too; 65 degrees! Not normal for this time of year, but I will take it.

  6. Though we are snowless for quite a while, but still waiting for the sun! And flu epidemic to go away!

  7. Gratulerer med sola - det er deilig å se den!

    Fine sokker :)

  8. That photo of the SUN is beautiful! Thank you.

  9. Hei hege
    Håper alt er bedre nå! Og sokker kan varme en hel kropp!

  10. I love the colorway of both pair of socks.


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