Saturday, January 16, 2010


Looking at elk tracks and excrements

Some elks have been wandering in the forest behinf our house lately, so we found lots of tracks and excrements when we went hiking today.

Elk track

Fox track

There was also tracks from a fox.

Taking a break on the way up.

Some small breaks is needed on the way up.

Getting a ride up the hill ;)

While other make sure they gets a ride up the steepest hills :)

Too much ice :(

But when we came up to the lean-to, there was ice all around it due to all the rain that's been pouring down the last week... So we had to find another place further down in the forest.

No hike without a chocolate bar :)


  1. I'm so amazed by how we both live in cold climates but they're such *different* types of cold. I can't imagine January without feet of snow on the ground! Beautiful photos, as usual.

  2. We usually have snow in January too. But this winter have been cold and snowless so far... But we're still hoping for piles of white snow ;)


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