Thursday, February 18, 2010

Do you darn socks?

A few days ago someone asked me if I do a lot of darning on all the socks I knit. I don't. Mostly because I knit most socks in a yarn with some kind of nylon blend. In the last 5-6 years hubby and I have worn holes in just a couple of socks. The kids do wear holes in socks if they are knitted in pure wool though. Like the pair under here...

I knitted this pair for Erlend some years ago, but he don't use socks much, so they survived until they fitted Eirin's feet :) But after this winter they have been darn once and not in a pretty way... I have never learned how to darn socks, but there is some great tutorials to find at youtube and here is a great article about reinforcing socks. My mom have a darning mushroom, an old one painted like a toadstool and I think I have to buy one too ;)

I found these two old advertising in Invisible threads in knitting by Annemor Sundbø :)

I like this way to darn holes. By making st around a thread seems like a way to both make the sock stronger and beautiful at the same time.

New socks for Eirin

Despite that I know that they will get holes after a while, I've knitted Eirin a new pair in pure wool ;) After all they keep little feet warmer!
Pattern: Simple k2, p2. 56 st.
Yarn: pt2, 36 g purple #48 and 13 g gray #82.
Needles: 2,5 mm.


  1. Darning socks is my least favorite part of knitting, even lower than sewing up knitted items! I try to catch the sock when the yarn starts looking thin. Then all you have to do is "duplicate stitch" over the thin areas. MUCH easier than trying to fill holes!!!

  2. What a cool look at darning! Christmas before last I put on my "wish list" some darning "eggs" from Patternworks and was delighted when I found them under the tree---and they've rested safe and sound in one of knitting baskets ever since. Unused. But now, with this great information, I have clear inspiration--thanks, thanks!

  3. Oh Hege, you know ever since we had that conversation I've been darning. The video you sent was so helpful and I think I finally get it. I just darned about 7 holes in a pair of Ed's favorite socks. I'll be posting about darning on my blog soon.

    Thanks again.

  4. This couldn't be more timely. I've worn a hole in socks I finished just this last fall. I'm very disappointed in the yarn (10% nylon) and threw them on my dresser in despair. I like the photo showing the threads...that seems to be very do-able.

  5. Since we really only have about two or three months out of the year that wool socks feel good, we don't wear them out very often! I know I would be a bad darner though since I often have a pile of clothes that need a little mending, but I just can' make myself sit down and take care of them.

  6. I havaen't darned any socks. Thanks for the tutorial links in case I ever need to :)

  7. I remember my Grandma doing this! I'm such a slow knitter that I don't do socks very often. I wish I did.


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