Friday, November 26, 2010

Strawberry Dream, monster and Aurora Borealis


The days are dark and cold around here now. I took this picture around 11.30 am today. The light is blue almost all day now and the sun is bearly painting the mountain tops pink... To bad it gets so cold when the air is so bright... The temperature have been around -20 C all week and today it's been -24 C here, and we are starting to get a bit of cabin fever ;)

Baking Strawberry dream cookies

So Eirin and I desided to bake some cookies :)

Strawberry Dream cookies

Strawberry Dream Cookies

200 g softened butter
1 dl sugar
1 dl potato flour
4 dl flour

Mix the sugar and butter to cream. Stir in the flour. Roll out the dough and cut into ca. 40 pieces. Roll each piece to a ball and press it flat with a little dimple in the middle. Fill the dimple with strawberry jam. Bake at 175 C for ca. 10-12 minutes. Cool off on a cakerack.

What's on your needles this weekend??
I'm knitting on a pair of monster pants - a fast and fun knit :)
And I just have to share this beautiful video made of pictures. I love it when the northern light flashes through the sky and hope we'll see lots of it this winter! These are from Tromsø,  city a bit further north.


  1. I remember blue light in last winter. I remember the ice and the dark in your country.
    Thank you for beautiful photos, today I'm working but tomorrow I hope to knit a little of my last shawl. Have a nice Sunday.
    SusinaPenelope (from raverly)

  2. Such a lovely picture of the mountain top. And I'm again inspired to make a pair of monster pants, and cookies. What a great project for a cold day. We have the same blue sky but lots of sun... still a little less than 10 hours. I took pictures of my mountain yesterday, too! See my blog. Happy winter!

  3. Those cookies look yummy! My girls and I still love baking together even though they are all grown up now.

    I will have to look on Ravelry to see if there is a pattern link for monster pants. I need to knit baby gift for a friend who is due in February and need to find a quick knit.

  4. I know it's cold -- I can't even conceive of below zero temperatures in fahrenheit -- but it is so beautiful! I can't imagine how quiet and peaceful it must be.

    Oh, I have a pair of mittens on my needles, but they're very lightweight. Probably I would get frostbite if I tried to wear them anywhere colder than 30 degrees F.

  5. Your blog is so nice! I am happy I just found it :)!! I am now a follower!

  6. Boy it stays dark where you live! And I though that it getting dark at 6 was bad... Those cookies look awesome though! I want some now...


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