Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Boy, it's cold outside...


We're in a cold periode - again... It's been -30C for a couple of days now. To cold to go out to play, so the kids are climbing the walls here 'sigh' Needless to say that I think we've had our share of cold this winter!
But the sky and tree looks beautiful though..





Endre needed a new wool pants, so I casted on for a pair during christmas. The colours are a bit dull in the picture, they are much more bright in real life :)
Pattern: Monsterbukse, but without the monster ;)
Yarn: Mor Aase superwash
Needles: 2,5 , 3 and 3,5 mm
Size: 5-6 year

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  1. Wow, amazing photos. But I can imagine being a bit stir crazy.

  2. Herlig ullbukse i friske farger. Nødvendig med slike nå når vi har det kaldt. Jeg fryyyser enda vi bare har -7, men det er kaldt til å være her ;)

  3. Nydelige bilder! Elsker blåfargene nordpå på denne tida av året.

    Skjønner godt det trengs ullbukse da! 30 minus!! *hutre*

  4. I like to think it is wonderfully silent and peaceful under those trees!

  5. Beautiful pictures....I'm sending a little warmer weather your way, thanks for sharing such lovely photos....happy weekend!

  6. Beautiful shots! Thanks for sharing these photos to us!

  7. I really did go get myself a little blanket to put over my feet after seeing your icy pics in your post. They're so beautiful, but I can practically feel how freezing cold it is there.

    What are my favorite books of 2010? Well, first of all, I'm nowhere near the reader you are. I do read quite a lot, but I need to write down the titles. I never remember what I've read.

    I just finished "Chocolat," which I liked for the story, but especially the description of incredible sweet treats.

    I also really enjoyed "The Hundred-Foot Journey," which was also a "food" book about a chef, who started out in his father's Indian cafe and later became a famous French chef.

    A non-food book that I liked this year was "The Big House," which was a true story about a family that "summered" at a mansion that had been in the family for nearly a hundred years.

  8. Flotte bilder! Men minus 30 er litt i kaldeste laget. jeg synes det har vært ille i Oslo med 20 kalde på det meste... Brrr!

    Kul ullbukse da, herlige farger :)


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