Sunday, September 11, 2011



- playing with legos
- warm fall weather with temperatures around 15C
- tikka masala
- still sore throats and coughing
- knitting, Eirin's sweater is finally done. More about that tomorrow
- film watching, Hop with the kids and The Season Of The Witch with hubby
- roasted chicken with vegetables
- a bit of rain making a beautiful rainbow
- watching the forest turn into yellow, red and orange
- candlelights
- playing, arguing and making friends again among the kids
- picking flowerseeds in my father in laws garden, hopefully they will sprout when we plant them next spring
- planning new knits


  1. It sounds like an IDEAL weekend!

    I love your photos.

  2. Even with the sore throats it sounds like a lovely way to spend the weekend.

  3. Lego. Our kids spent many a happy hour playing with ti :o) c x


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