Sunday, January 8, 2012


Joining with Amanda for Weekending... Some blurry photos due to the light this time of year and because some of the photos was taking in the car...

Driving to grandma

- celebrathed mom's birthday
- with an hour to drive each way, the ds is great to have to keep the kids awake on the way home ;)
- it's been a cold weekend with -21C at the coldest

Sunset without the sun

- beautiful sunset even though the sun have not come back yet
- frost flowers on the windows
- second round of colds, hoping we have had our part this winter...

Good and warm by the stove

- love the warmth from our wood stove when it's cold
- homemade pizza
- several episodes of sanctuary, season one with hubby when the kids have been put to bed

Snuggle socks for Endre

- finishing the pair of snuggle socks for Endre
- casted on for the second sea horse mitten
- read out The Lord and the Wayward Lady and planning what book to read next (outlander)


  1. What a lovely weekend! We have had a very mild winter and I would love to have a bit of snow. The fire looks so cozy!!

  2. Brrr! The sunsets are always so lovely, but chilly! I hope you are happy and keeping warm!

  3. I love love love the sunset. Sounds like a delightful weekend, even tho it was cold!


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