Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dreaming of spring

A snow/rain storm is blowing outside and making the roads icy and the snow into a slushy mess instead of the crisp white piles we had a few days ago... I like the winter, but not when it's raining. Can't say I'm looking forward to get the kids home from school with soaking wet clothes *sigh*
So here I am dreaming of spring. Remember this part of the backyard? Well, I hope we can manage to turn it into a vegetable garden :)
As we live in a part with almost arctic climate, I know it will probably be a few years with try and failure before we find out what can and will grow here.

What to plant

- Potato
- Carrots, I'd like to try those in various colours
- Garlic
- Leeks
- Onion
- Strawberries
- Raspberries
- Red currants
- Rubarb
- Squash
- Tomato
- Cucumber
- Snow peas


  1. I am placing my seed order today and I can't wait! You should think about adding kale to your list. It is extremely cold hardy, and it is filled with nutrients! I can harvest my kale right up until the beginning of December, and that is after we have had temperatures dip to -15 C.

  2. we are having a rain/snow mix in a good howling wind today too. good luck with your garden planning - i have sort of given up in my current rental home as we have so many tall trees that it is too dark to grow any vegetables.

  3. Rhubarb! A personal fav...since I was a kiddo. Best part...I only had to share Grandma's rhubarb pies with my dad...as no one else liked rhubarb. Their loss. Greedy...in a good way?

    More temperate climate here than yours...Spring is trying to settle in. Never grown a garden from seed in my life...and my Dad is a farmer. I am known to have a brown thumb. Gonna try several yummies this year. Actually starting on Wednesday or Thursday. Wishing you luck with the cold temps and weather...please wish some back. :-)

  4. Coloured carrots are great fun. I love the purple ones :o) c x

  5. I'm at the seed planning stage, too. I'm absolutely intrigued about what you can grow in your climate. I hope you post it up.

  6. I can't wait for spring either. It's hard to grow here too because it's a desert that gets to single digits in the winter and into the triple digits in the summer and we have basically a 50/50 split of cold/hot months. I'm curious to know what you find out. I did, however, just see a pin on pinterest where someone was growing loads of onions inside.


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