Monday, November 19, 2012

Note to self

Always check out all the projects with helpfull notes before you start a big project!
I didn’t, so my Dollar and a half cardigan has been frogged :(
I was looking on other projects to see how others had fixed it so that the pattern would come on line on the body and the sleeves. And then I found all the "problems" with this cardigan...
The front pieces are designed to be narrower than the back piece, so it might be an idea to knit them a size bigger. I wish I had found out earlier that you need to go down 2 needles sizes for the reverse stockinette part so it has the same gauge as the lace pattern. And if I try to knit this cardigan again, which I really would like, I would knit stockinette instead of reverse stockninette as I think it looks better and the reverse stockinette can be hard to block.


But since I really want a black cardigan that goes with everything, I have started another cardigan :)
And no, I won't try to finish it this month for the NaKniSweMo as it would not be a fun knit...


  1. I always forget to check pattern notes, and then things go wrong and I discover that lots of other people had the same issues. Very frustrating!

    I'm with you on preferring stockinette to reverse stockinette too ;)

  2. Ugh! Sorry you had to frog the pattern.

  3. Så kjedelig! Håper du har funnet deg en annen kjekk oppskrift å følge og at resultatet til slutt blir verdt alt strevet. Det er virkelig praktisk med svarte jakker, men de er slitsomme å strikke.

  4. Ugh! I will take your lesson to heart and diligently read ahead in all my patterns!

  5. Yikes! I've had that lesson before a few times as well. Sorry you ran into issues with your garment.


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