Thursday, May 23, 2013

It's been a while...


Since I posted, but life been busy...
I've been knitting like crazy to finish the three jackets and two hats for the knit book. Photos further down. The last jacket was mailed off today. After I was done knitting the last one a few days ago (my mum has had it to make the final finishing, you know, steaking and all that...), I didn't know what to do with my new "knitting freedom". So I found a pair of socks I had casted on a long time ago. Mindless but still satisfying as I decide what to make next.

We've also had some beautiful weather the last week.
Seems like mother nature decided to skip spring and go straight for summer this year. The temperature has been 21 C, the forest has turned green, and we have forgotten all about the big load of snow we got not so long ago ;) In other words - I've spent almost every spare moment on the deck soaking up sun :)

Untitled Untitled

This gazebo stood in my father in laws garden, but no one used it, so it had started to decay.
Hubby thought it could be a great greenhouse, so he and Erlend took it apart and built it up!
It needed a little paint and still needs a roof, but I am so happy that I finally have a greenhouse :)


And see - pallet collars have just the right size to go around the greenhouse as rised beds.
I have planted zucchini/courgette in the compostbread I made in the fall. I have more of them inside the greenhouse and I'm hoping they will grow, but you never know with our clima...


The rhubarb has started to curl their way up of the ground, so there will (hopefully) be made something in the kitchen soon :)
The carrots - purple, have been planted out. The redcurrant is sprouting, but so far it looks like my raspberry bushes is dead and it looks like the same with the strawberry plants :(
Sugar peas are also waiting in the greenhouse along with leeks and spring onions.
Different types of salad is still waiting in their seed bags, but soon I will get them growing too.


The jackets and hats for the knitbook that will be published later this year by Tove Fevang.



  1. Beautiful views, the greenhouse looks like a grand plan..
    Would you know - it's autumn here, and it was 26 today. I long for seasons.

  2. I have missed you and glad to see all is well in your little corner of the world. As always, your knitting is gorgeous and I am super jealous of your pretty little greenhouse. I want to plant purple carrots too. :)

  3. I love the gazebo! Its nice to know someone somewhere is getting some sunshine!

  4. I am so happy for you that you have a greenhouse, and that summer has arrived!

  5. I love your green house. What a lucky girl you are!!!

  6. the greenhouse is PERFECT!!!! (as are those beautiful knit projects! Lovely!)


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