Tuesday, October 15, 2013

FO :: What does the fox say?


I'm sure you all must have seen or heard the song What does the fox say? by now??
If not you can check it out here.
Anyhow, the song is very popular among the kids here and not long after it came out, hats started to pop up in a norwegian knit group on facebook. I hesitated for a while but the boys wanted one each so I just had to make them one, didn't I?


Pattern: I cast on 100 sts. The letters are knitted, but the fox is made with duplicate stitches. As for the lettes and the fox I found inspiration on the net. If you google or search Ravelry, there will pop up hats.
Yarn: The blue hat is Mor Aase ull/akryl and the grey hat is GGH Davos. The black and white is also GGH Davos and the orange is Raggi by Jarbo.
Needles: 3,5mm / US 4 and 4mm / US 6
Started: October 9, 2013
Completed: October 14, 2013


First snow

And the first snow came during the night.
No need to say that the kids were thrilled. Not me so much as this is not how the weather has been today... It's more like a snowstorm. I managed to go out and take the photos of the hats in a tiny moment of nice weather. It haven't stoped snowing since I came in...
So glad hubby put the winter tires on the cars this weekend.


Updated after the kids came home from school - Winter's first snowman :)

Winter's first snowman :)


  1. snow?? we are still enjoying great foliage and hopefully first snow will arrive some time in early november.
    looks as if owls are replaced with foxes this season everywhere. http://homemoma.blogspot.com/2013/10/what-did-fox-say.html

  2. Kule luer -og helt "up to date" i disse tider! :-)

  3. Great hats! I love your knitting! We had a pretty good snow a couple weeks here, melted the next day and we have had above normal temps here in Alaska.

  4. Mu hubby was singing this song to me yesterday. And those hats look incredible!

  5. Oh wow, snow? I thought you just had spring arrive? Funny hats! Perfect for kids.

  6. Everyone at work was singing that song. I watched the video ... most of it. I'm just a little too old to get stuff like that, I think!

    But those hats are great :). Have you said goodbye to the sun yet?

  7. Amazing that you have snow already! The hats are super cool, I'm sure the children love them.

  8. Love the hat and love the snowman.
    I can't believe you have snow already, I wonder if it's coming this way!

  9. Kuule luer! Så flink du er! Regner med disse blir populære :)

  10. Flotte luer som virkelig er in i tiden. Har allerede sett mange unger med slike, så dette blir nok en farsott ;)

  11. Flotte, trendy luer! Og snøen kom hit på Helgelandskysten i går, har aldri hatt ungene ut så kjapt i høst :)

  12. Ja hva sier den egentlig? ;) Kjempefine luer!

    Ha en fin dag, ser ut som mildværet er på tur nå....


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