Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Snow, Seedlings & Socks

It's been a while since I posted something, but I'm here. Still knitting a lot, but there's also been a lot of


So I've been shoveling more than knitting the last couple of weeks...
Hopefully we've gotten our share of snow for now. I long for spring!


Endre is standing on a hill of snow that's been buildt up by the snow blower.
Perfect for sledding and digging snow caves :)

Untitled Untitled
Before                                            After

We had to do a lot of shoveling on saturday to find our fire pit and benches.


And lunch tastes so much better after some hard work outside.


I've also planted some seeds.


And it only took a week from seeds to seedlings!!
So far the borlotti beans are winning the race ;)


And of course there has been some knitting, although mostly of the mindless type ;)
My Nancy jacket is done, but I need to but some buttons. Eirin's Holmenkollen sweater is also done, I just need to sew in the ends. So there will be some FO post coming :)
This pair of socks are for my sister, who has just as cold feet as I do, so I know they will get a lot of wear.

Ravelry project page
Pattern: 60 sts 2x2 rib and a short row heel
Yarn: 82 g Rauma Fagstrikk #4730 Multi Orange
Needles: 2,75 mm / US 2
Made for: Monica
Size: About an european 37/38
Started: March 23, 2014
Completed: April 3, 2014


  1. I really like that sock color way. Unbelievable amount of snow. That must be a good workout shoveling all that.

  2. Dere vil i alle fall ha nok snø til å gå på ski i Påsken, så deilig!

  3. I love the colours in your socks. Your seeds look amazing. I'm glad our snow is finally gone.

  4. Ja - nå skjønner jeg at du lengter etter vår. Har det deilig på Sørlandet akkurat nå. Fine votter og sokker - og ingenting er så godt som å spise ute!


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