Thursday, October 23, 2014

Knitters Elbow

You all know I love to knit and hardly a day goes by without some.
And I have never had any big pain problems before, just a little pain in the wrist once when I knitted to much, so afraid it could be carpal tunnel syndrome, but it went away and I haven't felt any pain in my wrist since. But now it seems like I have gotten a knitters elbow, or a tennis elbow as it may be called... It's mostly my left elbow that hurts really bad when I knit and it falls asleep sometimes too. I've been searching the net and the best I can do is not knit for a while and let my arms rest.
By that I mean a couple of weeks. I know. How am I going to survive without kitting that long...??
Maybe the house will get all shiny and tidy. Maybe I'll do some exercise. Maybe I'll become the queen of the kitchen and use all my cookbooks. I don't know. What I do know is that I definitely won't be making all those christmas gifts I had planned. My arms are not worth it. Fortunately I have already knitted some gifts for the ones that I find knitworthy :)


Before I decided to put down my needles, I just had to finish these fingerless gloves for Erlend. He has been asking me to knit him a pair for a while know, so I knew I had to finish them.

Ravelry project page
Pattern: It's based on Kerlingarfjöll, but I've made a 2x2 rib and added more rows before and after the thumb.
Yarn: 40 g Babygarn
Needles: 2,5 mm / US 1,5
Made for: Erlend
Size: medium - 60 sts
Started: October 18, 2014
Completed: October 22, 2014



And here is the answer to what I'll do the next couple of weeks.
I might clean and tidy the house and do all sorts of cooking and baking in the kitchen. I might even start doing some exercise. But mostly I will read. And these are the ones I'll start with. Lots of fantasy worlds to get lost in :)

And you knitters out there. Take care of your hands and arms!
I found this on knitty and I think it's worth reading.

Top Ten Ways to Avoid Stressing Your Joints
  • Stop being a weekend warrior. Those marathon knitting sessions are bad not only for your hands, but hard on your love life. (Yes, we not only want you to be a healthy knitter, we want you to be a slyly smiling, happy knitter.)
  • Drink lots of water. REALLY. This is always GOOD for you.
  • Take lots of breaks. Get up and stretch. Do some sit-ups to strengthen your lower back! Do some push-ups to build your pecs (YEAH!) and firm your triceps.
  • Find the chair in your house that is both comfortable and gives you the best support and posture profile. POSTURE, posture, posture, please. Shoulder blades back, tummy in.
  • Knit with your arms parallel to your body from the shoulder to the elbow, and perpendicular to your torso. Keep a tight profile. Don't bend your wrists. This is my main offense: I crab my wrists at an angle when I drift off mentally and strangle the old carpal till it screams. Don't do that. Keep your wrists aligned with your forearms.
  • Hold your knitting needles at the same non-angled degree as your forearms. Don't tilt up or down because when you do, you are bending something that doesn't want to be bent, over and over, and it will pay you back plenty if you don't pay attention.
  • When you feel pain or numbness, STOP. I mean it; put it down! REST those babies and look forward to a better day. You may want to ask your doctor about over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication like naproxen or ibuprofen.
  • If you feel repeated tingling and numbness, it's time for a trip to the doctor. NOW.
  • You'll like this one! Keep several projects going using different types and gauges of yarns, needles and patterns. Switch off between them to feed your limbs a balanced diet of movements. This way you will exercise different small muscle groups and strengthen your joint flexibility.
  • AND, drum roll, please, the #1 reliever of stressed out paddy-cakes: circular needles. Use them to knit back and forth or in the round. They take the weight and bulk off of your hands/wrists and let your lap do the heavy duty. You will look like you are leading a symphony as you create.


  1. Putting pillows under your arms can help. Also you can get a tennis elbow band. It moves the ligaments so it doesn't cause as many problems.

  2. Aw poor you :( I've had that before too. The thing that helped me was trying to keep my left arm straight all the time. Night time was worse as I normally sleep on my left side, I ended up using a towel wrapped around the elbow to reduce me being able to bend it.

    Hope you make a quick recovery

  3. I've found that I get sharp pains up my forearm when I knit too much on dpns. I've switched to wooden and that has helped tremendously. Also if I knit with plant fibers that causes me pain (no elasticity). I hope you heal fast and that it goes away!!!

  4. Aww. Sorry love that you have this elbow pain. Do take a good break. I know you knit A LOT.

  5. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear you have a knitting injury. Hopefully it will be healed much sooner than you are expecting.


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