Wednesday, November 19, 2014

FO :: Mittens

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Winter is here. And that means new mittens are needed.
So far I have made the kids a pair each, but I'm sure there will be more as I have found so many patterns I want to knit..
I've promised to make them a pair of gloves as well, and the first one got on my needles today.


Ravelry project page
Pattern: 82-1266 Mittens pattern 8 by PT Design of Norway
Yarn: Mor Aase superwash white #1001 and Smart red #4065
Needles: 3 mm / US 2,5 and 3,5 mm / US 4
Made for: Eirin
Size: 10-12 years
Started: November 3, 2014
Completed: November 5, 2014


Ravelry project page
Pattern: 82-1266 Mittens pattern 1 by PT Design of Norway
Yarn: Smart #5936  and #2708
Needles: 3 mm / US 2,5 and 3,5 mm / US 4
Made for: Endre
Size: 10 year
Started: November 5, 2014
Completed: November 10, 2014


Ravelry project page
Pattern: 8. Damevott / Woman's mitten byRauma Designs
Yarn: Mor Aase Superwash
Needles: 3 mm / US 2,5
Made for: Erlend
Size: Adult - I used larger needles to make them fit his hands
Started: November 10, 2014
Completed: November 14, 2014


  1. Those are all absolutely beautiful! I'm always amazed at how quickly you manage to finish your knitting projects - can I ask how long it took you to knit up one pair of mitts? I love your blog btw and always read but don't often comment :) Your knitting is always so inspirational!

  2. Thank you!
    It might sound strange, but I find that knitting stranded patterns such as mittens knits up faster than plain stokinette ;) It might be because it's so fun to see the pattern grow.
    But in general a pair of mittens can take me 3-4 days to knit. Depending on the size and how much free time I have to knit.

    1. Well you have inspired me to give it a go! There are lots of lovely patterns on Ravelry so I am off to stock my Ravelry book shelf :)

  3. W-o-w. These pairs are extraordinary. You are an exceptional colorwork knitter.

  4. Such beautiful mittens, Hege! Your children will have toasty warm hands this winter.

  5. Lovely all! Must get in a mitten making mode and get away from all these hats!!

  6. Wow - you are the mitten knitting queen! How satisfying to get through three pairs of mittens so quickly! And they are so beautiful. They remind me of the illustrations in the Jan Brett books.

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  8. These are amazing! Your colorwork is so consistent and even. I always get a few spots where it puckers no matter how hard I try to keep my floats loose.

  9. Beautiful! I'm hoping to learn to knit mittens this winter. My daughter, owner of a small handknit products business, will be here for a few days at Christmas and is going to get me started. I hope mine are as beautiful as these eventually!


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