Tuesday, November 11, 2014

FO's :: Daleks, Creepers and Marius


It's been a while again. My blogging mojo is low... I think it has to do with shorter and darker days - my mood seems to get a bit low as well during these dark months. But I'll try to pop in here more often :) I have been knitting now that my arms doesn't hurt as much as they did. So there are things on the needles I'll have to tell you about soon and some fo's.
First is a pair of Marius socks. They are knitted in a heavy wool yarn which makes them big enough to wear as a second pair of woolsocks, which I often do during winter when my feet are cold.
Winter is here with and we've gotten a little bit of snow. Enouh for the kids to build a snowman and a snow lantern last night. But winter also means I can wear all the wool. I'm wearing my Nancy cardigan today while I snuggle on the sofa knitting.


And someone decided to be in the photo ;)


Ravelry project page
Pattern: Marius sokker
Yarn: 100 g Mor Aase Raggegarn, less than 50 g of white and a bit of pink left overs of Mor Aase Superwash
Needles: 3,5 mm / US 4
Made for: Me
Size: 54 sts to make the pattern go up
Started: October 29, 2014
Completed: November 9, 2014


Endre loves Dr.Who and when I saw this pattern I knew I had to make him one.
I think I have ro make him the mittens too.

Ravelry project page
Pattern: INSULATE! (free pattern)
Yarn: Smart
Needles: 3mm / US 2,5 and 4mm / US &
Made for: Endre
Size: M-96 sts
Started and Completed: October 6, 2014


And last, Two more Minecraft hats. They will be christmas gifts.

Ravelry project page
Pattern: Minecraft charts (free)
Yarn: Mor Aase superwash - grey and Smart - green
Needles: 3 mm / US 2,5 and 4mm / US 6
Made for: Christmas gifts
Size: 96 sts for ribbing, 99 for hat. About 9-11 year
Started: October 13. 2014
Completed: October 28, 2014


  1. Very nice projects, Hege! I'm glad your arm has recovered. Have you ever tried using a light box in the winter months? They can really help with the low moods that come with the lack of sunlight.

  2. That Dalek hat is great! Stay warm.

  3. I always love your projects! The socks look so warm and cozy and I know several people who would love the Dr. Who hat. :-)

  4. You look so cozy. These are fun color work projects.

  5. Everything looks great. It's about woolens time here, too. I can't decide if I'm dreading it or looking forward to it!

  6. LOVE the socks - they look so cozy!

    And that minecraft hat is fabulous - I might have to make some for my sons. :)


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