Sunday, March 15, 2015

Spring feeling and the week of yarn...


Seems like we finally got a little bit of spring feeling here in the north today :) It's not going to last, as more rain and possible snow is coming later in the week... But today the day was spent in the sun knitting and drinking tea while the youngest kids went up and down the hill on their snow racers :)
I had to cast on a couple of socks. First is a pair of Biohazrad Socks for Erlend.


The second pair is for me and Im using the Blueberry Waffle pattern.


Hubby has made a new bird feeder. We saw a squirrel in the garden early this morning, but the birds chased it away. Hopefully it will return. We had squirrels a few years ago, but they suddenly disappeared...


Last Sunday I found out that I was the lucky winner of Ina's giveaway on her blog Ztrikkeriet :)
And this came in the mail a few days ago :) The Regia yarn is the one I am using for my socks.

Untitled    Untitled

But that is not all the yarn that has found its way to my mailbox this last week....
Ullkurven had 20% off on her yarn a little while ago, so I bought some Arwetta. Love the pink and the yellow! I plan to knit it up with the black.
And Hubby complained that most of his socks seemed to have holes in them... So of course I could buy more sock yarn without feeling guilty! This time from Love Knitting. And look - i finally found some Fluormania!!
I was so lucky that I could follow a link from a friend and got 15% off + free shipping on my order :) You can get that too by following this link :)

Get a free pattern, 15% off and free shipping at LoveKnitting


Wish all my mail was wrapped up like this!!
And this was not all the yarn that came this week....
I got one more package with yarn for a special project, but I'll tell more about that when I cast it on.


  1. Oo some lovely fluffy post there. I like the look of your sock wip

  2. Oh! Judging by your mailbox goodies, you had a wonderful week. I love the photo of the sun shining on your bright orange sock--I bet you needed a glimpse of that old sun. I hope Spring happens quickly for you. I laughed when I caught that you were missing the squirrels and then I remembered how cute they were where you live. You have shared photos of them in the past. Our squirrels are not so cute and are quite pesky. No one wants our kind in their yards!

  3. Your husband is talented. That is a deluxe bird feeder. I haven't heard of Arwetta but those skeins are not shy. I like all those colours together. The Regia yarn is in fun color ways.

  4. Hi, I've just used your link to order at Loveknitting. So you should get another discount and free shipping as well. I'm going to knit socks for the very first time, i'm excited :)

    1. Thanks :) I'll have to see if there is any yarn that needs a new home ;)
      And I'm sure you will enjoy your first pair of socks!
      Before you now it you are as hooked on sockknitting as the rest of us...


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