Saturday, November 5, 2016

Hello Again


It wasn't planned to have such a long blog pause, but it has felt good.
I have knitted a lot this month and a half. All without having the feeling that I need to take a photo of it right away and post it here, on Ravelry and Instagram. And it have felt good to just put the finished project aside (some times without sewing in the ends) and just cast on a new project. Hopefully the mojo to blog again is back and I'll try to blog more regular again. If you'll like to have a look at what I have knitted since last time, check out my Ravelry page :)

Right now I have a pair of Fidelio socks on the needles. Just love the cables!


We've had a very nice fall here up in the north. With warmth weather, almost no rain and foggy mornings. But now as we have November and the sun is about to leave us until January, I long for some snow. 


  1. oo those cables are lovely. Welcome back, I had a long blog break too, sometimes you just need to take a step back from things I think

  2. Yes, sometimes you need a break. My blogging mojo has been off lately too. I think it's because I'm online a lot w/IG and I hate being redundant. Sometimes I just want to sit and knit in solitude.

  3. Welcome back! And the cables are wonderful.


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