Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Yarn Along


What are you knitting and reading this week? I'm joining Ginny at Small Things for Yarn Along.

Knitting: When you are waiting for new needles and can't knit on your Setesdalkofte, you cast on a new big project like a Marius sweater. Makes perfectly sense, right?! :)  I'm knitting this Marius sweater in a discontinued yarn called Kaprifol by Marks & Kattens. Its a cotton and nylon blend and it's a weird yarn, but the fabric of the sweater turns out very soft. I am about to set away stitches for the sleeves and then the body and sleeves will be in plain white. My only issue it that I'm not sure I have enough of the white...

Reading: I've decided to focus more about my project Around the World in Books this year. So when we went to the library last week I had made a list over books to look for that had settings from different countries. I came home with lots of books I'm eager to start, but these two is my current reads. Baking Cakes in Kigali set in Rwanda is a wonderful warm and funny story!

In Kigali, Angel runs a bustling business: baking cakes for all occasions—cakes filled with vibrant color, buttery richness, and, most of all, a sense of hope only Angel can deliver.…A CIA agent’s wife seeks the perfect holiday cake but walks away with something far sweeter…a former boy-soldier orders an engagement cake, then, between sips of tea, shares an enthralling story…weary human rights workers…lovesick limo drivers. Amid this cacophony of native tongues, love affairs, and confessions, Angel’s kitchen is an oasis where people tell their secrets, where hope abounds and help awaits.

In this unlikely place, in the heart of Rwanda, unexpected things are beginning to happen: A most unusual wedding is planned…a heartbreaking mystery—involving Angel’s own family—unravels…and extraordinary connections are being made among the men and women who have tasted Angel’s beautiful cakes…as a chain of events unfolds that will change Angel’s life—and the lives of those around her—in the most astonishing ways. -from Goodreads-
The Blue Between Sky and Water set in Palestine is also a great story. Has made my eyes tear several times...

It is 1947, and Beit Daras, a quiet village in Palestine surrounded by olive groves, is home to the Baraka family. Eldest daughter Nazmiyeh looks after her widowed mother, prone to wandering and strange outbursts, while her brother Mamdouh tends to the village bees. Their younger sister, Mariam, with her striking mismatched eyes, spends her days talking to imaginary friends and writing.

When Israeli forces gather outside the town’s borders, nobody suspects the terror that is about to descend. Soon the village is burning and, amidst smoke and ash, the family must take the long road to Gaza, in a walk that will test them to their limits.

Sixty years later, Mamdouh’s granddaughter Nur is living in America. She falls in love with a married man, a doctor who works in Palestine, and follows him to Gaza. There she meets Alwan, the mother of Khaled – a boy trapped in his own body, unable to wake up from a deep blue dream. It is through her that Nur will at last discover the ties of kinship that transcend distance – and even death. -from Goodreads-


  1. Wow! Your sweater is amazing. Both of those books sound like great reads - I will have to look for them at the library.

  2. I LOVE reading books set in different countries!

  3. What an interesting reading like challenge you've given yourself here. It is fun to visit another country in a setting.

  4. Beautiful knitting and you have embarked on a really interesting reading project - what a good idea!

  5. Dette blir en fin fin Marius :-))) Ha masse glede med den nye bøker.
    Jeg leser nå tysk forfatter Andreas Eschbach, jeg leser første ganger fra denne forfatter,
    spennende. Leser seg veldig god "Å bake kaker i Kicali"... Takk for anbefaling, jeg funnet og
    bestillt i tysk :-)) Hilsen fra Viola

  6. Both of those books sound really good. I really like reading books set in other cultures as well, gives me a bit better understanding of times and places and people that I don't get otherwise. That sweater is really nice. Good luck with the white yarn!!!

  7. your logic is perfect when it comes to why you start a sweater :) Lovely beginnings!!

  8. Gleder meg til å se mer av genseren i Mariusalongen, den har nydelige farger 😊


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