Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Sagavoll, Sovereign and Don't Take Your Water For Granted


I've picked up my Sagavoll kofte again and hopefully I'll finish it before I cast on a new sweater. I feel like casting on all the sweaters the last few days :) The last time I was knitting on it I was also reading about the lawyer Matthew Shardlake. I really enjoyed the last book and have now started the third book in the series Sovereign.  I am also reading a non fiction book about how the start of educating midwifes started here in Norway in the late 1700.


Last time I knitted on this I actually finished the yoke and have just the steeking, button bands and the neck left to knit. But it seems to be the hardest part to knit though...

What are you knitting and reading this week?
I'm joining Nicole at Frontier Dreams for Craft On and Ginny at Small Things for Yarn Along.


This is my third pair of Prism socks. They are so addictive to knit and great for using up leftover yarns! I'm sure it won't be the last pair I'll knit.


As I mentioned last time we hoped for some great weather during Easter. Well that didn't happen. It snowed almost every day and we ended up getting over 50 cm of snow. So a lot of snow shoveling and not so much of skiing in other words. But on Monday, the last day in the break we woke up to some wonderful weather :) Yesterday was also sunny and warm, so my youngest and I went for a ski trip after school.
We have had a strange winter weather wise this year. All January, February and half of March has been cold, windy and dry with no snow or rain. So that means the ground as well has dried up and our water well is almost empty. Someone compared the weather we've had to an arctic desert. So for the last two months we have been almost out of water :( Hubby have to fill up big water cans twice a week and we have to do the laundry at my moms. So I am SO ready for spring now and for all I care it can rain for weeks now so we can get our water back again. 10 years ago we were out of water from late January to June, but that time the water froze and I remember how strange it was to have running water again after all those months! Fortunately this time we have running water, but it's not enough of it for normal day to day use... But that's life on the country side in the arctic and it is strange how fast one adapt to not having enough or no running water at all ;)
But people - Don't take your water for grated!