Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Our weekend

Ice skating

 ::Ice skating::

The elk has been eating here ;)

::Traces after a hungry elk::

sledding on the ice

::Sledding on the ice::

By the fire

::Lunch in the forest::

(23/365)  Roasting dried meat over the fire

::Roasted, dried meat over the fire::

A cup of tea warms

::Hot tea::

Frozen raindrops

::Frozen raindrops::

Just like small spruces

::Almost like small christmas trees::

(24/365)  Still waiting for the sun...

::And we're still waiting for the sun::

Storm on the way...

The weather has gone from -16 C (yesterday) to 1 C, rain and a storm today. The storm (strong gale) Ask is hitting Northern Norway later tonight. Hopefully the kids will be safe and sound in bed sleeping when it comes our way. Right now it's quiet before the storm, but it's raining so much that it's leaking in one of our window in the living room :(
We have light some candles in case the power will go out. I doubt it will, but it makes it cosy anyway :) And I have casted on for a new project ;)

(26/365) Casting on for a new project

Eirin is hard to please when it comes to handknits.... I've been asking her several times about knitting her a new sweater or jacket since the one she wears now is getting too small. But she refuses all of my suggestions *sigh* So you can imagine my surprise when she wanted me to knit this vest!!

She even wanted me to knit her a hat from a ball of glittering, red acrylic yarn. I'm not sure she will wear it much though... Everything itches if you ask her.
Pattern: 112 st, k2, p2
Yarn: 50 g red and a small amount of white Plus silver from Idena (discontinued).
Needles: 3 mm

Friday, January 22, 2010

North Iceland Mittens

North Iceland Mittens

Erlend wears out/felt his mittens in no time, so I casted on for a pair in Desember. I had meant to be done with them in a few days, but I knitted one and get bored... They really was a fast knit when I put my mind to it!

(22/365)  North Iceland Mittens for Erlend

Pattern: North Iceland Mittens from Folk Mittens.
Yarn: Black and white Per Tryving pt5 & blue Viking of Norway SportsRagg.
Needles: 2,5 & 3 mm.

Friday Flickr Favourites

Friday Flickr Favourites

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I really hate icy roads...

20/365  Still icy :(

There is nothing in this photo that would make you guess it's taken in Northern Norway, is it?
We're supposed to have piles of snow in January!!
We've had another rainy day, and the roads are icy again :(
I had to sand a small path so the kids should manage to go and wait for the school bus. I'm so glad I didn't have to be out driving today!

3/52  I'm 31 today :) And I really need a new pair of glasses...

I hate photos of my self, but I've joined the 52 weeks, the knitterly and crafty types on flickr. And this is me, 31 today :) I really need a new pair of glasses, these one makes me look weird... Iit's incredible that they have survived the kids for almost 5 years now!
I haven't celebrated the day,but Hubby is cooking up a dinner and I'm waiting for Vampire Diaries to start on tv - perfect night!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Creative every day - January :: Body

The theme for January is Body. We hoped for lots of snow so we could go out and make snow angeles, but so far there have been very little snow...

Body Flipbook

But we have been crafting :) I found this great tutorial to make a Body Flipbook.

Body Flipbook

(18/365)  Body Flipbook

Ofcourse I had to have some knitting in my drawing ;)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A winter flower

(16/365) Winterflower

Wishing you all a great weekend! We've been out hiking today, a bit icy, but great after almost a week with rain! Now I'm going to spend the rest of the day on the couch knitting :)


Looking at elk tracks and excrements

Some elks have been wandering in the forest behinf our house lately, so we found lots of tracks and excrements when we went hiking today.

Elk track

Fox track

There was also tracks from a fox.

Taking a break on the way up.

Some small breaks is needed on the way up.

Getting a ride up the hill ;)

While other make sure they gets a ride up the steepest hills :)

Too much ice :(

But when we came up to the lean-to, there was ice all around it due to all the rain that's been pouring down the last week... So we had to find another place further down in the forest.

No hike without a chocolate bar :)

Sunless sunrise - Photos taken around 9.

(15/365) The sun is slowly coming back to us!

The sun is slowly coming back to us!

The sun is slowly coming back to us!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Flickr Favourites

friday Flickr Favourites

Just have to share :)

The sun is slowly coming back to us!

I just have to share the view I had around 9 this morning :)
The colours were brighter in real life! It was beautiful and the sky on the oposite side had a wonderful blue colour which I didn't manage to catch in any photo... It was magical. Yesterday evening the temperatures started to go down, and a frost fog encased us due to all the water on the lake. It's -10 C today and I really hope it will stay so for a while!

The sun is slowly coming back to us!

The sun is slowly coming back to us!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I hate icy roads...

(13/365)  Ice everywhere...

It's been raining non stop since Saturday... So almost all the snow is gone and the roads have been terrible to drive on :( This is our yard. We have to sand it to be able to drive up from the main road. It has stoped raining today and the temperatures have been down to -3 C, so maybe there is some frost ahead. I really hope so!

(14/365)  Under a month till we see the sun again!!

the days are getting longer agian, and we have a couple of real daylight now :) It's under a month till we see the sun again!!

Kate over at Lazy Kate Creates has started a lace kal. You pick your own yarn & pattern, the main point is to have fun :)
I haven't desided on a pattern yet, but I know I'll knit me a shawl or a scarf. There is so many beautiful pattern to choose from...

Swallowtail Shawl
Shetland Triangle Lace Shawl
Norwegian Woods Scarf or Shawl
Heere Be Dragone Shawl
Tilly's Garden Shawl
Ene's Scarf

CashSilk Fern Scarf

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Some help to make some of my changes in 2010 to happen

Remember my word for 2010? I haven't done much in action yet, but my mind has been working hard on this. And I've found some great things to help me :)

First there is "One small change" from Hip Mountain Mama.

"We want to challenge each of you to make 1 change each month leading up to Earth Day (April 22, 2010). It can be small or it can be huge, but all we ask is that you decide on something you will do to make a positive green impact and follow through with it. If everyone makes 4 changes between January and April, this can have a huge effect."

I had to think a bit over what we should to. We're already saving water, sort out our trash (paper, food waste and so on), turning off lights in rooms that are not in use, line dry the laundry and keeps the heat low in the bedrooms. But I've wanted to try out some greener detergent, washing agents and shampoo. So I'm going to buy Ecover products for the home and Urtekram for the body.

Do you take the challenge to change something for the environment this month?

Then Leah at the Creative every day have a challenge to be creative all day during 2010.

And I'm so gald I found this site! Lots of great idea to make it all happen.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cupcake mittlets and Mystery slippers

Cupcake mittlets

I need to wear a pair of fingerless mitts when I drive the car now in the winter ;) So when I came across this pattern on Ravelry, I just had to cast on ;)
Pattern: Cupcake mittlets (free pattern) by Shantha.
Yarn: 50 g Novita Nalle.
Needles: 3,25 mm.

Mystery slippers

These turned out too small for me. So I'll have to find someone who fit them ;)
Pattern: Mystery slippers (free pattern)
Yarn: 50 G Novita Nalle.
Needles: 4 mm.