Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Blueberry Girl

This is a lovely poem, written by Neil Gaiman for Tori Amos' daughter. The story is that he wrote it when she was a newborn, and it was calligraphed and framed on the wall of her nursery. Apparently so many people asked for copies of it that he finally just published it.

...Dull days at forty, false friends at fifteen;
Let her have brave days and truth.
Let her go places that we've never been;
Trust and delight in her youth.

Ladies of Grace, and Ladies of Favour,
And Ladies of Merciful Night,
This is a prayer for a Blueberry Girl,
Grant her your Clearness of Sight.

Words can be worrisome, people complex;
Motives and manners unclear.
Grant her the wisdom to choose her path right,
Free from unkindness and fear.

Let her tell stories, and dance in the rain,
Somersaults, tumble and run;
Her joys must be high as her sorrows are deep,
Let her grow like a weed in the sun...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sideway socks

sideway socks1

A couple of years ago when I first saw nonaKnits' sideway socks (ravelry link) I fell in love immediately! I even casted on for a pair, but never got the hang of the pattern... But then Drops came up with a similar pattern :)

sideway socks4

I like these socks a lot, but they got a bit to loose around my legs. So I guess I could have skipped a couple of the short rows.

sideway socks3

I like the heels,

sideway socks2

but the toes are not pretty. I think nonaKnits' socks have a much prettier toe! So I think I'll give her pattern a new try, because I really like the idea of these socks :)

sideway socks5

Pattern: DROPS socks knitted in garter sts sideways.
Yarn: 150 g Viking of Norway Frøyagarn # 772.
Needles: 2,5 mm

Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring is in the air


Gulls - a certain spring sign here with us. But waking up at 5 am in the morning because they scream, is not fun :(


This winter has seemed SO long... And having a snowstorm a little over a week ago didn't make it better... But today the sun came up after a week of rain, and one could actually feel her warmt :) We did wake up to -3 degrees, but that was ok.


So with the great weather Endre and I packed our lunch and headed out. And I had my knitting with me too :) - More about knitting tomorrow. I think we were out for 5 hours today. Endre didn't want to go in. And he was soaking wet despite his rain clothes.


All because of this. I think this is one of natures laws. Water and kids attracts each other. He spent hours in this puddle. Which he has done lst week too, building dams. But thanks to wool underwear, wool pants, wool sweater, wool socks and wool mittens he stayed warm!!


Just a quick ride on the bike inbetween ;)


And as you can see, we still have a lot of snow...


And finally a picture of Eirin just because she is so cute! And yes, she has pulled out last summers shoes... and they got wet, very wet. But hey, it's spring - finally!
You can also see my laundryto the right. And for the first time this year it was dry the same day I hang it to dry - smelling of sun and spring!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Easter!

We haven't got our new hard disk for the laptop yet, so I'm trying to blog from our old and very slow stationary computer... Just a quick post to wish you all a Happy Easter! In Norway easter is all about skiing in the mountains. Getting away from the city, enjoying the snow and the weather and not to mention getting a tan to show off when back at work are popular things to do during the vacation ;) I just get freckles... Here in Norway, Easter break is longer than in many other European countries. The Easter holidays start Wednesday afternoon before Maundy Thursday, and end on Tuesday morning after Easter Monday. This makes for a nice long Easter weekend!
We've had some great weather this week until today... It's raining, and I really hope it will stop. Because I'm so looking forward to some days at our lean-to, skiing and sledding.

A quite peculiar national trait in Norway is solving crimes during Easter. Publishers churn out series of books known as "Easter-Thrillers" or Påskekrimmen. Even the milk cartons change to have murder stories on their sides! And from Saturday to Monday I'm going to watch Hercule Poirot each night :)

Since I haven't spent time on the net, I really have had time to knit :) I have knitted up a pair of jaywalkers, these socks are soon done and I hope to have these mittens off the needles within the wekend.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Diagonal cross-rib socks

7 Days5: - Fool

I knew it - I'm such a fool to believe that it's warm enough to knit outside... After 5 minutes I had to put my mittens back on and let the sock wait until we went inside again...


And the sock was the second of a pair I started back in November! It have been laying in my basket making me get a bad conscience every time I started a new project... But now they are done, and I just love them :)


Pattern: Diagonal cross-rib socks by Ann Budd from Favorite Socks.
Yarn: 100 g ONline Supersocke 100 Holiday Color # 998.
Needles: 2 mm.