Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring is in the air


Gulls - a certain spring sign here with us. But waking up at 5 am in the morning because they scream, is not fun :(


This winter has seemed SO long... And having a snowstorm a little over a week ago didn't make it better... But today the sun came up after a week of rain, and one could actually feel her warmt :) We did wake up to -3 degrees, but that was ok.


So with the great weather Endre and I packed our lunch and headed out. And I had my knitting with me too :) - More about knitting tomorrow. I think we were out for 5 hours today. Endre didn't want to go in. And he was soaking wet despite his rain clothes.


All because of this. I think this is one of natures laws. Water and kids attracts each other. He spent hours in this puddle. Which he has done lst week too, building dams. But thanks to wool underwear, wool pants, wool sweater, wool socks and wool mittens he stayed warm!!


Just a quick ride on the bike inbetween ;)


And as you can see, we still have a lot of snow...


And finally a picture of Eirin just because she is so cute! And yes, she has pulled out last summers shoes... and they got wet, very wet. But hey, it's spring - finally!
You can also see my laundryto the right. And for the first time this year it was dry the same day I hang it to dry - smelling of sun and spring!


  1. Oj så mye snø dere har! Her er det bart men ikke særlig varmt. Alikevell er det deilig med vår!

  2. Love spring but not the mud :) Looks like you guys still have a lot of snow, hope it melts quickly for you.

  3. Så deilig med sommersko og leik i vannpytter :) De har visst ein del snø att enno, men får håpe den forsvinner fort!

    Her skinner sola, og både plenen og trea er grønne og finne..

  4. So much snow still! Looks like us about two weeks ago. It got really warm here last week and melted things but it's cold again this week :(. Crazy Utah spring! I guess I'd move if it bothered me too much ;). Looks like you guys are making the most of it-I love how kids don't notice the wet and cold.

  5. Bra dere begynner å få vår nå. Nyter "sommeren" i Bergen jeg!


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