Monday, March 30, 2009

A new outfit for the doll


March and April is green in this years Project Spectrum. Green is not one of my favorite colors, so I don't have much yarn in shades of green. However, I once bought a kilo (!) of some green acrylic yarn at a flea market many years ago... And now I have used up the last balls of it - yeah!


Pattern: Kjørepose til baby from a norwegian book - Babystrikk til dukken. (Rav link)
Yarn: 200 g of Sally ( a yarn no longer in sale)
Needles: 3 mm


It fits the doll perfect! But I'm so glad I'm done with it. The yarn was a pain in the ass to knit with :/ But the kids are happy, and as long as Eirin are at school, Endre can have the doll and the new outfit for himself. I know they will quarrel about it when she gets home... *sigh*

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ski trip

7 Days: 1 - Ski trip

Både Eirin og jeg liker godt å gå på ski. Så da lørdag kom med sol fra en skyfri himmel, måtte vi bare pakke sekken og dra på tur i skogen! Her har vi oss en liten pause med sjokolade og noe å drikke :)

Both Eirin and I love to go skiing. So when Saturday brought us a sun from a cloud free sky, we just had to pack our backpack and head out in the forest!
Here Eirin and I are having a little rest with chocolate and something to drink :)

Fox tracks

Reven er lur - han/hun går i sporene til snøscooteren ;)

The fox are smart - he/she has walked in the tracks of the snowmobile ;)

Tracks of a Willow grouse

Vi så også mange rypespor, så kanskje reven lurte på den.

We also saw a lot of Willow grouse tracks, so maybe the fox was lurking at it.

Tracks of the wings of a Willow grouse

Men rypa slapp unna. Her ser dere spor etter vingene.

But the grouse got away. Here you can see the tracks of the wings of a Willow grouse.

Eirin at our break, eating chocolate ;)

Så selv om turen ikke var lang - kun opp i skogen bak huset, så ble det mye spennende å se :)

So even if the ski trip wasn't long - just up in the forest behind the house, there was a lot of exciting things to see :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Flickr favorites

Friday Flickr favorites

Still winter

Still winter

There is not much that remind us about spring around here... And despite the warmt from the sun, I really need more springfeeling right now... I long for days without mittens so I can take my knitting or a book with me outside.

Springing up flower dishcloth

I have several things on my needles right now, but the only thing I have finished lately is this dishcloth ;)
Pattern: Springing up flowers.
Yarn: 50 g Bomull sport from Gjestal.
Needles: 3 mm.

Eirin think she has too little homework..

Since Erlend started school, Eirin has almost every day sit by the table and watched and heard as I helped him with his homework. So by doing this she has all by herself learnd the letters and can both write and read already :) So her own homework now is to easy sometimes, and she thinks she has too little of it ;) There is no norwegian sites that we can print out worksheets from, but I have found Learning Page :)
Pleace let me know if any of you know about some other great sites!

Endre is coloring :)

Endre is happy coloring :) I print from coloring book - a great site!

Full consentration :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Endre in his elephant sweater :)


An elephant was balanced
atop a spider’s web,

when she saw that it held her
she called on another.
Two elephants balanced
atop a spider’s web,
when they saw that it held them
they called on a third.

Three elephants…
Four elephants…
Five elephants…


It's done :) And first of all, thank you so much for all of your good advise about the color! I knitted it blue as you can see ;) And Endre is very satisfied with it. He's been counting elephants ;)


I was a little afraid that it would be to big, but it fits him just perfect. The sleeves are a bit long, but I know how these kids grow, so it's good to have something to grow into ;)


Pattern: I've based the sweater on a regular raglan sweater pattern from this booklet, just adding some extra st to make the elephant chart go up.
Yarn: Viking baby ull & Viking Edda, the white is Silja. 150 g grey and 50 g of each of the other colors. I've used yarn from my stash, so there is two shades of blue ;)
Needles: 2,5 & 3 mm
Size: Since I had to add more st and knit the sleeves and the body a bit longer to make the stripe pattern to go up, I guess this is more a size 5/6 year than a 4/5 year that I had in mine..


One more picture just because :) And Endre looks more and more like his bigbrother Erlend :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Elephants part four - Need a little help..

nearly done, but I need a little help...

I just have the neck left to knit, but I'm not sure which color to use. Do I just continue with the blue..? Or make a change as in the stripes..? Then the neck will be grey..
I'm leaning towards continue with the blue...
And yes, I have used two different shades of blue. Stash burning ;)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Elephants part three

now with sleeves

The sleeves are done. And it's so fun to knit raglan and seeing the yoke grow as I knit the stripes :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Baby booties, skiing and great tit

Baby booties

I needed a fast knit between the elephant sweater, so I casted on for a pair of baby booties yesterday :)
Pattern: Stripy bootees from Head to toe knits.
Yarn: 50 g pink Viking baby ull and 50 g white Viking Edda.
Needles: 3 mm

Endre is cross-country skiing :)

We're still having great weather, so Endre and I have been out skiing today :) It looks like we'll have to make good use of the next coming days, because the weather forcast tell us we'll have rain towards the weekend :(

Natures art

The last two days has been very windy with lots of drifting snow. And this is how the field we went skiing on looked like. Natures own art!

Great tit

Outside our kitchen window we have a birdfeeder, and today we had to fill it up with sunflower seeds again. We don't have a big selection of birds here, but the great tit is a regular guest :)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Noen flotte sider / Some great sites

The Purpose of Nature for Kids is to encourage families with young children to enrich their lives through wholesome outdoor recreation. is about discovering the wonder of nature with kids and adults.
Get inspired with simple solutions; how to embrace the elements,
cooking, sport, adventure/nature trips, arts and crafts, gardening and harvesting.
Lets Play...



Griffis family outdoors

Ut på tur

Beautiful weather!

Vi våkna til -20 kalde, men med sola kom også varmen. Så vi pakket sekkene, fant frem ski, truger og akebrett, og la i vei opp til gapahuken.

We woke up to -20 C, but with the sun came also the warmth. So we packed our backpacks, found our skiies, snowshoes and sledges and headed for our lean-to.

Walking on snowshoes

Erlend på tur opp bakkene på truger.

Erlend walking up the hills with snowshoes.

View to Kistefjell

Den siste kneika før vi er oppe. I bakgrunnen ser vi Kistefjellet.

The last slope before we are up. In the back we see Kistfjellet.

Our lean-to

Eirin skiing down the hill

Eirin er en racer på ski. Hun gir ikke opp og går gjerne bakken opp igjen for å renne ned igjen på nytt hvis hun faller ;)

Eirin is a racer on cross country skiing. And she will go up the hill again and run it down one more time if she falls ;)

There was some queue development in the downhills ;)

På tur ned igjen ble det endel køtendenser i bakkene ;)

On the way home, there was a few queue development in the downhills ;)

Beautiful weather!

Så vi krysser fingrene for at det blir like fint vær i morgen!

So we just keep our fingers crossed and hope for great weather tomorrow too!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Winter break

Animal tracks

The kids have their winter break this week, and we have a wonderful weather! So we've spent hours outside each days :) Although I long for spring, these winter months we have ahead of us now are the best. With the sun warming and lots of skiing and sledding to look forward too ;)


Inbetween knitting on the elephant sweater, I knit up my stash of raggsock yarn. I casted on for my 5th pair last night. So I'm ahead of my x-mas knitting ;)

Vinterferie / Winter break

Animal tracks

Vi har hatt strålende vær hele uka, og det melder fortsatt fint frem mot helga :) Ungene har vinterferie så dagene har blitt tilbrakt ute. Etter et tynt lag med nysnø kunne vi se mange små spor i snøen. Vi tror at det er snømusa som har vært ute og gått :)

We have had wonderful weather all week, and the forcast looks like it will be great over the weekend too :) The kids have their winter break, so the days has been spent outside. After a thin layer of fresh snow there was a lot of animal tracks to look at. We believe this is tracks from a least weasel :)

Looking at tracks

Nøye studering av sporene.

The tracks gets a good look.

kick-sled ride

Vi har kjempefint sparkføre etter veien nå, og det er lenge siden sist. Dette måtte vi jo passe på å utnytte :)

We have great conditions for kick-sledding now, and that's a long time since last we had it. So we had to use it :)

kick-sled ride

Må noen pauser til også ;)

Some breaks are needed ;)

kick-sled ride

Så nå håper vi bare at værmeldingene slår til med kjempevær til helga, for da blir det ski og ake tur til gapahuken!

So now we just hope the weather forcast is right so we'll keep this great weather until the weekend. Because then we'll head up to our lean-to and go skiing and sledding!

An award :)

I received this award from Adrienne a few days ago :) Adrienne is one of my lates blog I have started to follow :) I'm so bad to pass on these awards, but this time I will before I forget ;)

Here are the rules:
1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude
3. Link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link this post to the person from whom you received your award.

And I like to pass this on to:

* Små (s)ting i bagasjen
* Green Jello
* Stix and String
* Amazing Trips

These blogs are among my daily reads, and I know I'm bad at leaving comments...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Our weekend

Our weekend

A mosaic to sum up our weekend :)
After seeing Tammy making playdough I had to make a big dough with my kids. And they have been playing with it for hours each day :)
Erlend turned 9 year on Saturday and as you can see Simpsons and Indiana Jones is one of his favorites! The day was celebrated with pizza and chocolatecake :)
Today we've been outside. I hoped for better weather, but despite the sun the air was filled with drifting snow - and that was cold.

Snøfokk / Drifting snow


Vi har hatt mye skiftende vær siden sist... Alt fra regn, snø og kuldegrader. Vi har hatt et nydelig skareføre, men pga kulden har vi ikke kommet oss opp til gapahuken vår... Den siste uka har vi fått rundt en halv meter med nysnø som igjen har gjort det vanskelig å komme oss ut i marka. I dag våknet vi til -28. Men etterhvert som sola kom opp steg temperaturen til kun -5.

We've had a lot of changing weather since last time I wrote... From rain, snow and low temperatures. We've had some great hard snow to walk on, but because of low temperatures we've been unable to go to our lean-to... the last week we've got about half a meter of fresh snow that makes it impossible to get out in the forest. We woke up to - 18,4 F today. But when the sun came it went up to just 23 F.

Drifting snow

Tiltross for bare -5 grader, var det bitende kaldt pga av vind. Og vinden dro med seg mye løssnø ned fra fjellet i perioder.

Despite only 23 F, it was very cold outside today due to the wind. The wind also made a lot of drifting snow.

Building a shelter for the drifting snow.

Ungene bygde seg snøborg som ly ;)

The kids built a snowfort as a shelter ;)

Drifting snow

Taking shelter from the drifting snow...

Og innimellom var det godt å gjemme seg i snøborgen mens snøfokket var som verst.

And sometimes it was great to hide in the snowfort while the drifting snow flew trough the air.


Men det var da vindstille innimellom og da :) Og da var det lek i snøen.

But it was no wind now and then too :) And a lot of time to play in the snow.