Tuesday, October 28, 2008

First snow :)

First snow

Well, I thought the snow wouldn't come until next week,
but it came today.
It's been snowing nonstop since 11 o'clock.
And the kids are thrilled :)
Big snowflakes that tickles your nose.
At first everything was covered with snow
like icing sugar on a cake.
But now everything is covered with 4 cm of snow,
the trees are all white.
And as Endre said when it first started to snow:
"Now it's christmas-yeah"
It sure gives me a feeling of christmas :)
But as always with the first snow
- it do not stay for long,
so I guess it will be gone in a few days.

More socks


I started on a pair of socks for my sister this weekend, so I might be able to finish a 5th pair of socks before socktober is over ;)


But I put the sock aside yesterday when I found this after knitting the heel. A knot. It's the first time I have found a knot in a ball of sock yarn... It would have been ok if the new yarn was in the same colour, but it's not.... So I have to pull out lots of yarn until I can start with the right colour again. It is so irritating!


We are having some beautiful weather these days. The days gets longer and longer and we don't see the sun before around 12.30 now. Looks like we will get snow next week. Last year we got the first snow 9.october.

endre desser

But it's great to be outside playing without layers upon layers of clothes though.
Have a great day, I have to go bake some bread ;)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Super Santa

super santa

I got Simply Knitting # 47 in the mail today and I just had to cast on for the Super Santa by Alan Dart. It's such a charming santa!


And I haven't just been knitting socks this month ;) I have several pairs of mittens that are waiting to be felted.

Have you seen that the Knitty surprises are up? I think the Frankensocks are cool!

Knitted porn?

Yesterday one of Norways newspapers made a huge newspaper article about a knitted vagina.
The article refers to a heated debate in Sweden, where a knitted vagina caused a commotion on a website for crafters.
I'm glad most of the commets she got was positiv, but I also understand that some might find it provocative...

But I think it's strange that there has not been any huge debats when a knitted, crochet or sewen penis has been showed...

What's your opinion - do you think this is art or porn?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

4th pair of socks in Socktober

4th pair of soctober sock

I made these for Eirin, but she doesn't want them... Hmmm, maybe they are not pink enough *lol* So I guess they will end up as a x-mas present or I'll try to sell them on a christmas fair next month. We'll see ;)
I have knitted them from the toe up to make sure I had enough yarn. I have used leftovers from these socks.
Pattern: My own, 36 st, k2, p1.
Yarn: OnLine Supersocke Fantasy color #1013
Needles: 3mm

dishcloth swap1

And lucky me found this in the mailbox today :)
I have been participating in a dishcloth swap at the European knitters group at Ravelry.
I have swaped package with Nicsknot. Thank you so much! There was two beautiful dishclothes, tea, chocolate, some shampoo/conditioner samples and a ball of yarn.

pink dishclothred dishcloth

And these are the two dishcloths I made for her.
Patterns: My own
Yarn: Mor Aase cotton for the pink one at the top and Gjestal bomull sport for the one on the bottom. I know it looks more pink than red, bad light when I took the pictures...
Needles: 3mm

Sunday, October 19, 2008

3rd pair of socks :)


The 3rd pair of socks is done. Endre came and demanded blue socks. We came to an agreement that they would be blue with white stripes ;)

Pattern: 36 st, k2, p2
Yarn: 50 g Ida Strømpegarn #307 and some white left overs.
Needles: 3,5 mm


And here he is wearing them in his pajamas, tired after a long day in the forest. We have been building a lean-to, so take a look in our hiking blog to read more ;)

En ny gapahuk / A new lean-to

Lørdag/ Saturday


Vi har jo en gapahuk fra før på et sted ikke så langt fra huset vårt, men har lenge hatt lyst til å ha en litt mer hardfør gapahuk litt lengre opp i skogen. Så denne helga har vi bygget :)
Her begynner det å ta form og ungene hjalp litt til.

We do have a lean-to on a spot not far from the house. But we have for a long time wanted to build a more robust lean-to further up in the forest. So this weekend we've been building :)
Here it's starting to take shape and the kids helped a little.


Og små hjelpere må jo ha mat!

And little helpers need food!

Søndag/ Sunday


Endre på ryggen på tur opp i skogen. Skogen er som dere allerede fri for løv og myra i bakgrunnen har fått en gyllen farge.

Endre on my back on the way up. As you can see the forest is all grey and there is no leaves left. The bog in the back has got a golden colour.


Og de små vann pyttene er islagte.

And the small water dams are covered with ice.


I går gikk ungene og jeg ned tidligere enn samboeren og broren min, så vi møtte dette da vi kom opp i dag. Taket er på plass og gulvet står for tur.

Yesterday the kids and I went home before hubby and my brother, so when we came up today we saw this. The roof was in place and the floor was next.



Mange som vil hjelpe ;)

Many wants to help ;)




Da ungene og jeg gikk hjem i dag hadde gapahuken fått vegger og gulv. Men den har også fått bord, noen hyller og "dører" av et gammelt telt foran åpningen. Dessverre glemte jeg å legge igjen kamraet så samboern fikk tatt bilder når den var ferdig...

When the kids and I went home today, the lean-to had got walls and floor. But it has also gotten a table, some shelfs and "doors" from an old tent infront of the opening. Unfortunately I forgot to leave my camera behind, so hubby couldn't take photos of the finished lean-to...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

2nd pair of socks in the Soctoberfest

garter rib1

These got off my needles today and they are mine! They were ment to be hubby's, but I used to small needles... Lucky me because they looks great with my jeans :)

garter rib2

To get the stripe pattern the same all the way from the cuff to the toe, I have used another yarn for the heel and toe.

garter rib4

Pattern: Garter rib from Sensational knitted Socks - Ravelry link.
Yarn: 100 g Opal feeling #1703 & 50 g Sisu #5575.
Needles: 2,5 mm

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Not so little any more ;)

not so small any more ;)

Endre went out to the kitchen and it got all very quiet. And anyone having kids knows that is not a very good sign *lol* So I went out to see what he was up to, and I saw this. Chocolate spread is just allowed in the weekends, so when I told him that he could't have it today - he made it himself! Just another proof that they grow up to fast.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fisrt pair of socks done & leaf rubbings

First of all, thank you for all your comments on Endre's asthma! We really appreciate it!! Things are getting better, and we are going to see the doctor again next monday.

socks for my sister1

I have completed the first pair of socks in Socktober :) These are for my sister. She wears out her socks in a swift, so I have knitted the heels and toes with double yarn to prevent it. I really like the colours in this yarn - they harmony so good together. Luckily I have a couple of more balls, so I can knit up a pair for myself too :)

socks for my sister2

Pattern: 56 st, k2, p2 with a short row heel.
Yarn: 100 g Opal Brasil #5006 and 50 g Sisu #5575.
Needles: 2,5 mm.


We are having another fall storm today, so there have been some indoors activitys today.
Even though there is hardly any leaves left on the trees now, we managed to pick a few and made leaf rubbings ;)


And I have received this award from Monica - thank you so much!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Socktober fest

It is October and that means I'm all ready for socktober fest :) You can join it on Socktoberfest Flickr group or Socktoberfest Ravelry.
I have two pair of socks on my needles and I hope to knit up a few more. And I have joined the TTL Mystery Sock by Kirsten Kapur from Through the loops. She'll be posting new instructions each wednesday. Ravelry link.

garter rib sock

Garter rib socks.
socks for my sister

Socks for my sister.


And I have been so lucky that I won these Knit Picks Harmony straight needles 4mm from Monica over at Smoking Hot Needles :) They looks like candy. I actually received them last weekend, but things has been busy around here... And the little guy underneath is a reason for that.


He has been having a little cold, but on Wednesday he had trouble breathing and we ended up at the casualty clinic. The doctor just had to look at him and told us he had asthma. Because of his allergy and atopic skin he is more susceptible for asthma... So we have had some days to let this sink in and getting used to the inhaler. It is not easy for a 3 year old to understand that the inhaler make him breath better, but he is starting to accept it.