Monday, June 30, 2008

Things I love

having fun2

* Love eating the Saturday snack outside instead of infront of the tv.
* Love popcorn.

sun on my (white) legs

* Love to finally get some sun on my (white) legs.
* Love that the knitting in my lap on the picture is done and whit that one christmas present is done too.


* Love Eirin's art she made on our hike yesterday.

My creation

* Love finding flowers and creeps in the forest and learn my kids about them.

having fun

* Love summer - may the sun stay for a while this time!

Blomster og kryp / Flowers and creeps

high grass

Vi var på tur i skogen i går og gresset har vokst seg høyt siden sist gang. Minstemann måtte hjelpes igjennom det verste.

We went hiking in the forest yesterday and the gras has grown high since last time. The little man had to get a little help trough the worst.


På myra fant vi mengder av bukkeblad.

On the bog we found lots of menyanthes.

the ferns got high

Opp bakken til gapahuken vår har også bregnene fått vokst seg store. Her forsvant minstemann helt og fikk sitte på med pappa ;)

Up the hill to our lean-to the ferns also had grown big. Herethe little man totally disappered so he got a ride with dad ;)

wood violet

I skogen fant vi også myrfiol og fjellfiol. Små søte blomster.

In the forest we also found alpine marsh violet and viola biflora. Cute little flowers.

viola biflora

snack time

Og turen er jo ikke komplett uten noe godt å spise :)

And the hike is not complete without some snacks :)

Rhagium mordax - a longhorned beetle

Denne stygge karen (eller dama) fant vi på ei bregne. Vi kaller dem tømmermann og de biter hardt.

We found this ugly guy (or girl) on a fern. We call them "timberman" and they can bite hard.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Would you belive it is June..?

snow in june

When the clouds revealed the mountains this morning, we saw newly-fallen snow on the tops...
I really hope we can have some warm weather soon!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Socks - again ;)


I've for a long time wanted to knit the Bed sock, and now they are off the needles :) Mine are knitted in cotton, and it looks like they will be my new summersocks.


I casted on 60 st, though the pattern required 78 which would be decreased to 72 st. I tried that, but the leg got too loose.


So I had to improvise with the heel. And I really love the heel. I think it's the first time I've knitted the heel with the same pattern as for the leg...

Pattern: Bed Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks (Ravel it)
Yarn: 100 g Opal Petticoat Cotton # 1342
Needles: 2,75 mm


And I'm done with some of the x-mas present! These socks are for my nephews.
Knitted in Opal Acapulco on needles 2,5 mm. Size 2 and 3 years.
Even though I love to knit socks, I promise that my next FO will be something other than socks :o)


Caroline tagged with this alphabet game. I've seen several versions on this one from listing your favorite movies to web sites. The theme for this meme is that using the 26 letters of the alphabet you will express who you are, what you do, your interests, what matters to you etc….
I hope Heidelweiss, Cormz and Monika will play along :o)

Attached - we're having our 10 year anniversary these days :o)
Books - can't get to many ;o)
Chocolate - must have!, Creative
Erlend, Eirin & Endre
Fall - my favorite season
Gawky - sometimes
I Love my kids and hubby
Osean - love the sound
Stepmom, Shy
X-mas lover

And we have three more letters in Norway...

Ærlig (honest)
Øm-hjertet (tender-hearted)
Åndsfraværende (absent-minded) - sometimes

Tuesday, June 24, 2008



I love to do crafts with my kids, but they on the other hand dosen't always love to do crafts together... But after seing this we plucked some flowers and had a great time making bookmaks and pictures :o)


It was a bit windy, so the flowers and the contact paper flew away some times ;o)


I made a bookmark, the tiny one on the right with two white flowers. I'm thinking about making a hole in the big ones and hang them in a window...


Eirin is the one that have the patient to sit down and do crafts, so she made many.
There is a lot of great sites to find inspiration for kid cratfs!

The Crafty Crow



Kids Craft weekly

Let's Explore

Family Fun

Activity Village

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer, where are you??


We had a taste of summer yesterday. With 20C/ 68F and almost no wind, it was a great day to be at a local fair. Eirin had a great time riding the horse :o)



Today we were back to our usual weather... 10C / 50F and a cold wind. The clouds is hanging low and I'm starting to wonder when the summer will come...


So with nothing better to do, we made some wind chims with seashells and old wood sticks.


Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer Loving Photo Week - Day 5

eating outside

It's the last day of these summer loving photos,
and it has been fun :o)
Some of the things I love to do during summer
is to eat the meals outside.
And with some knitting on the side, it's complete.
Today was Erlend's last day at school, so now it's really summer.
Can't wait to sleep a little longer in the mornings :o)


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer Loving Photo Week - Day 4



I remember that my cousins and I used to
collect these bugs when we were kids.
We had small boxes with lids that we made holes in.
And we used to see who could get most ;)

Now my kids do the same.
These particular bugs are easy to gather as
they get together on the leavs on docks and sorrels
were they lay eggs.
We call them "gullsmed" (goldsmith)
because of the shiny color.
But Eirin insist to call them wishbeetle,
something she has learned in kindergarden
so I guess there are several local "names" on these ;)

But there is so many other bugs and beetles
to collect too.
My kids loves spiders!
I'm not afraid of them, but I don't like them
so I try not to let my kids see my loathe.
And they are thrilled when they find a ladybug :)


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summer Loving Photo Week - Day 3



During the summer it feels like there is sand everywhere.
The outher hall is filled with sand from the shoes
after playing in the sandbox.
In the bathroom I step with my bare feet on sand
that comes from pockets and socks.
But even though it some times gets me freaked out
to sweep/vaccum all the floors each day,
it is summer :)
And it is great to let your toes get
burried in warm sand on the beach.
We haven't had any beach weather yet,
so here is from a beach trip last summer.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer Loving Photo Week - Day 2


Summer Smells

To me there is a lot of smells that is summer.

Going by the bird cherry and breathe in it's sweet scent. When we moved in here it was just a tiny little bush, but it has grown the last years and is now a big tree. This year it is full of flowers.

I hang my laundry out to dry all year round, and in the summer it has its own smell. It might sound silly, but each season has its own scent ;)

Sniffing in the scent of my kids hair and skin after a day in the sun. It's a mix of sun, suncream, warmt and them.

Going to bed and smell the bedsheet after they've hanged out the window to air. Just have to sleep good!

The fresh air after a rainfall.

Going to the beach and smell the ocean.

Having a barbeque.

Hike and smell the different scents of the forest, the bog and the moor.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Summer Loving Photo Week - Day 1


Green Jello is having a Summer loving photo week :)
One of the things I enjoy during summer is to watch the kids blow soap bubbles. This year Endre finally has got the hang of it.


Some of you might noticed that I'm only writing in english...
I have thought about it for some time now. Writing in both languages takes more time, time I can spend on other things... So I hope you'll bear over with my spelling ;)

6 year

6 years

Eirin turned 6 last week and we celebrated her birthday yesterday.
And as a lot of other kids, her favorite cake is chocolate cake ;)

ears pierced

And what can be better than being 6, having her ears pierced. You should seen the stars in her eyes when she had done it!


She's learned to drive a two wheeler. And yes, she has a big hat on her head. She insisted (and the helmet coulden't fit ontop of it...), and it is very chilly here with just +10 C with a cold wind from the north. Not much that reminds me of summer...

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Jente tur / Girl hike


I dag var Eirin og jeg på skogstur alene.

Today Eirin and I went for a forest hike by ourself.


Vi gikk utenom den vanlige stien og fant gamle små stier som sjelden blir tråkka på.

We went out of the usual track and found old small tracks that seldom gets hiked on.


Alle trær som var knekte måtte balanseres på...

All fallen down trees had to be balanced on...


...og vi fant mange "tre hester" :)

... and we found a lot of "tree horses" :)


Eirin løp alltid i forveien og fant spennende steder å se.

Eirin was always ahead and found exciting spots to see.


Hele skogbunnen er full av blåbær lyng med kart. Så det ser ut som det vil bli mye blåbær til høsten.

The hole forest floor is covered of bluberry heather with unriped berries. So it looks like there will be a lot of blueberry in the fall.


Og myrene er fulle av multe blomster og hvitlyng. Rosa og hvitt er en fin kombinasjon.

And the bogs are full of cloudberry flowers and bog-rosemary. Pink and white is a beautiful combination.


Er første gang bare Eirin og jeg er på tur, og det var en fin opplevelse. Siden vi bare var to var det ikke annet å høre en raslingen av gammelt løv og fuglesang. Vi klarte å liste oss inn på et par små fugler. Og gjett om jeg syns det var artig å kunne lære henne om navn på blomster og trær :) Det ble mange pauser med vann og en liten sjokoladebit ;) Og det ble en mye lengre tur enn jeg hadde regnet med. Hun er gjerne den første til å bli sliten og lei når vi er på tur hele gjengen, men i dag imponerte hun meg! Så dette kommer vi nok til å gjenta snart.

It's the firts time that just Eirin and I are hiking alone, and it was a great experience. Since it was just the two of us there was nothing else to hear than the rattle of old leaves and the birds singing. We managed to creep into a couple of birds. And guess if thought it was fun to teach her the named of plants, flowers and trees :) We had a lot of breakes with water and some chocolate ;) And it become a much longer hike than I had expected it to be. She's normally the first one to get tired and exhausted when we're hiking the hole family, but she really impressed me today! So we're going to do this again soon.