Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summer Loving Photo Week - Day 3



During the summer it feels like there is sand everywhere.
The outher hall is filled with sand from the shoes
after playing in the sandbox.
In the bathroom I step with my bare feet on sand
that comes from pockets and socks.
But even though it some times gets me freaked out
to sweep/vaccum all the floors each day,
it is summer :)
And it is great to let your toes get
burried in warm sand on the beach.
We haven't had any beach weather yet,
so here is from a beach trip last summer.


  1. Warm sand on the beach reminds me of summer! We didn't go to the ocean necessarily for it though. We went to Lake Powell (an enormous lake formed by the Colorado river). Plenty of sand! and at 100 degrees F plus it can get VERY warm.

  2. (LOL) We just got back from a little walk, and my feet are full of sand, not from the walk but from a trip to the beach that we took on Monday. It's hard to get rid of sand but I love it.

  3. Sant, sant! Etter flere år i leilighet er det fantastisk å nå ha hus med hage og sandkasse, og det er sand overalt! Særlig siden guttungen tar av seg skoene inne og tømmer ut sanda på stuegulvet.... Håper dere får litt badevær nå, nå har det forlatt sørlandet.

  4. Our house is full of dirt, grass and dog slobber all summer! I feel like I clean all day to keep it from looking like a pig pen. Cute little shoes, by the way.

  5. Sand never leaves once it enters your house. I love your beach photos.

  6. Toes in warm sand.....seriously, is there anything better? I don't think so!


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