Tuesday, June 24, 2008



I love to do crafts with my kids, but they on the other hand dosen't always love to do crafts together... But after seing this we plucked some flowers and had a great time making bookmaks and pictures :o)


It was a bit windy, so the flowers and the contact paper flew away some times ;o)


I made a bookmark, the tiny one on the right with two white flowers. I'm thinking about making a hole in the big ones and hang them in a window...


Eirin is the one that have the patient to sit down and do crafts, so she made many.
There is a lot of great sites to find inspiration for kid cratfs!

The Crafty Crow



Kids Craft weekly

Let's Explore

Family Fun

Activity Village


  1. I'm amazed by the lovely wild flowers you have there. It's nice to have something to do with all your kids. Of course it's the girl, who would like this kind of craft best. :o)

  2. I love to make those! They are so pretty! I always press my flowers in a book first though. A very fun kid craft!

  3. Thank you for the links! I've just signed up to some of the newsletters, and can't wait to get crafty now that my daughter starts her school holidays with a half-day tomorrow!

  4. For en god ide!Det er noe jeg kunne tenkt meg å ha gjort sammen med mine. Bare det stopper å regne snart, så vi kommer oss ut og får plukka blomstene...

  5. What a great idea! You are always doing something so fun. Thanks for the links to those sites. That'll help out on our 103 degree days!

  6. Oh wow! Those are so pretty too! I sound like a broken record with my comments on your blog, lol. You are always such a crafty inspiration to me. :)


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