Monday, June 30, 2008

Things I love

having fun2

* Love eating the Saturday snack outside instead of infront of the tv.
* Love popcorn.

sun on my (white) legs

* Love to finally get some sun on my (white) legs.
* Love that the knitting in my lap on the picture is done and whit that one christmas present is done too.


* Love Eirin's art she made on our hike yesterday.

My creation

* Love finding flowers and creeps in the forest and learn my kids about them.

having fun

* Love summer - may the sun stay for a while this time!


  1. It looks beautiful and green and sunny there! Hooray summer! Your kids are so cute and it looks like they're having a wonderful time. I love the art!

  2. What a relaxing day. Love the list!

  3. Herlige bilder av sommer og familieidyll!! Heldige dere som bor så nært naturen!
    God sommer uansett vær!!

  4. Vad fint ni har det!!
    Eirin´s konst var gullig!
    Fick förresten vara med om att fira Sankt Hans i Danmark - kul!!
    Ha en fortsatt jättefin sommar!!

  5. What a lovely bunch of summer pictures!

  6. I love that summer artwork too! And I sure hope you get some good summer sun that sticks around. :)


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