Thursday, January 31, 2013

Happiness is...

A new knit book!

Happiness is a new knit book :)

I came across this book Latvieša Cimdi in the Knit Like A Latvian group at Ravelry in November last year. I could not afford the book then, but have bought it as a birthday present for myself ;)
There are so many beautiful mittens in this book I don't know which one I shall knit first... Erlend asked me to knit him a pair of new mittens, so there might be a pair for him first.
I think the group is going to have a kal next month, so I might join them as well. I bough my book from here.
Here's a video were the author talks about the book. I don't understand a word, but there is so many beautiful mittens in it so you have to watch it!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WIP :: Route 66 socks


The kids are feeling better and are off to school today, except Endre who has the day off today. So we're heading out in a minute to shovel some snow. The weather is strange at the moment. Yesterday we had -22C, today we woke uo to -5C and now it's down at -15C. During the night there has come 5 cm of fresh snow and it's supposed to rain by the end of the week... I wish it would stay around -5C, that's the perfect winter weather. Not too cold and the kids don't get soaking wet when the play in the snow.
Enough about that and on to the knitting.
I started a pair of mittens this weekend, but it seems like I will run out of yarn... It's a bit of gambling using up those small amount of leftovers in ones stash. So I have put the mittens aside until I figure out what to do with them. I might be lucky and find some more of the same yarn in my stash, but I doubt it. So I guess I'll frog them.
So instead I casted on a pair of socks. Hopefully I will have enough with 50 g of each colours. The pattern is Route 66 and I have the German book, so there has been a bit challenging ;)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Ice lanterns

Hooray for winter!
Look how beautiful things you can make out of balloons, water and frost :)
We made these this last weekend and I need to buy more ballons so we can make more!
Here's a norwegian DIY on how you do it.

Ice lanterns

Ice lantern

I forgot to blow in some air, so our ballons cracked by itself and we got holes in the bottom, so the edge is not so pretty. But they are beautiful with a candle in so I don't care.

FO :: Pink komi mittens

First of all, thank you so much for your nice comments on my Nuthatch mittens!
I've been awake since 5 this morning... Woke up because the wind made so much noise. So due to the strong wind all the beautiful white snow on the trees are gone. The temperature jumped from -25C to -10C in just a few minutes and it's freezing cold inside. So I just have to feed the stove with wood today. I desided that the kids get to stay home today. The two eldest complained about sore throats last night... I guess that's one of those things that makes me want to continue to be a sahm mom - I do not need to send them to school when the weather is bad or when they feel a little sick, but maybe not enough that I could have taken time off from a job.
Anyway, my komi mittens are done :)


I love, love, love them!!!

Pattern: Komi mittens #13
Yarn: 61 g baby ull
Needles: 2,75 mm
Size: 64 sts
: January 22 2013
: January 26 2013

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weekending :: Snowy and cold





Hot chocolate

Our plans about going snow shoeing got canceled due to a new 12 cm of snow when we woke up Saturday. So instead we spent yesterday shoveling snow, playing, building snowforts and drinking a lot of hot chocolate :)
I finished my Komi mittens (fo post tomorrow) while hubby made Empanadas.
We watched Salmon fishing in the Yemen when the kids was in bed and had a glass of wine.
We had plans to go out playing more today, but woke up to -27 C, so instead the day has been spent inside baking bread, casting on a new pair of mittens, sipping tea and feeding the fire.

Joining Amanda for Weekending.

Friday, January 25, 2013

FO :: Nuthatch Mittens


My Nuthatch mittens are done. I love them although they came out a little to short and the thumbs are a little tight. So when I make more mittens from the book I will use 2,25 mm needles and maybe add a few rows of salt and pepper pattern before I start the decreasing.


Pattern: Nuthatch mittens
Yarn: 59 g Mor Aase baby ull
Needles: 2 mm
Modifications: The mittens (and gloves) in this book is all knitted from the top down. I have never done it, so I made them the usual way from the cuff and up.
: January 20 2013
: January 25 2013

If you like to see other fo's, head over here
Natural Suburbia, Wisdom Begins in Wonder , I've Made Friday and Tami's Amis


I got a question the other day if I block my mittens.
Well, I usually don't block my mittens. Only if they are very "curly/bumpy" due to the stranded knitting. And then I use a wet cloth and my iron and steam them flat.
Eskimini Makes had a post about mitten blocking a few days ago, so you might get a few tips there.


My Komi mittens are almost done too, just have a few rows on the second and the thumbs left to knit, so there might be another fo post this weekend :)
Some of you have been asking how the water is. Well, hubby managed to break the ice that had packed itself in the hill above the well, so now it's melting and runs into our well. And fortunately we had a week with rain after we almost lost it. It's been a very dry fall/early winter here, so we still have to save our water.
I've promised the kids a snowshoe trip so hopefully we manage to do it this weekend.
What plans do you have? Whatever it is I hope your weekend will be great!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

On the needles :: Mittens

It's snowing like crazy in my part of the world today and it has since yesterday. Throw in some wind and you have a nasty weather outside... I spent an hour yesterday shoveling snow and I guess I must out later today and do the same. It's good exercise at least ;)
But I'm waiting to see if the weather gets any better first, no need to shovel all that snow now when I now there's more to come.  So I'm comfy here on the sofa with my cup of tea, my knitting and Being Human on Netflix, waiting for the kids and hubby to come safely home from school and work. I'm so glad I don't have to be out driving when the weather is like this!
How's your day?


Reading: I've picked up Heartless again after putting away a few months ago. I really love the story and better read it so I can buy the last book in the series :)

Knitting: It's all about mittens now. My Nuthatch Mittens is just missing their thumbs and I have started on a new pair of Komi mittens yesterday.

I'm sure most of you have seen this as it was all over facebook yesterday, but I just have to share!
Aren't they cute? Shetland ponies in cardigans.  And I agree, if I visit Scotland and if there aren't Shetland ponies waiting for me in cardigans, I'll be very disappointed ;)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

FO's :: Komi Mittens & Marius hat


My mittens are done. And I'm sorry for the yellowish indoor photo, but as you can see below, outdoor photos makes the colours blue...


Pattern: Komi mittens #6
Yarn: 55 g hifa2
Needles: 2,72 mm
Size: 56 st
: January 14 2013
: January 20 2013


I'm in the mood for knitting mittens, so I casted on a new pair right away. This is the Nuthatch Mittens. They're ment to be knitted from the top down, but I'm knitting them the usual way from the cuff and up.


And I guess you begin to be a bit bored to see this pattern now, but I've made my brother a Marius hat as a birthday gift.
Same pattern as the hats I made for the kids.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

90 years

I've got mittens on my needles, but first...

My grandmother knitting

My grandmother (my moms mother) is 90 years today!

My grandmother knitting

And I guess she has been knitting for at least 85 of those years.

Great grandma is 90 years today!

These photos were taken last summer and since then she has become more and more forgetfull, so she doesn't knit anymore...
She has trouble remembering who we are, but my mom has taken the kids and visited her often, so she has been able to remember them until recently. But I don't think she would know who we are now and that's sad...

Squares knitted by my grandmother

At the end my mom had to cast on and bind off her knitting. But she managed to knit up the yarn mom bought her into squares. There is several layers here, so I hope I will have enough to make at least two blankets.

Komi mittens for me

Now for my wip. I casted on a pair of komi mittens the other day. I ws a bit worried I would run out of yarn, but so far it looks like I have enough.Hopefully I'll have a pair of new mittens before the weekend :)

The sun is back :)

And the sun is back! SO looking forward to sunny days again :)

Monday, January 14, 2013

FO :: Align mitts

Align mitts

A pair of mitts for Erlend :)

Pattern: Align mitts
Yarn: 39 g Supersocke 6-fach Media Color by ONline
Needles: 2,75 mm
Modifications: I put ribbing all the way around at the bottom to prevent rolling.
: January 9 2013
: January 11 2013

Align mitts

Friday, January 11, 2013

FO :: Marius socks

Marius socks

Eirin wanted me to knit her a pair of socks with the Marius pattern, so I digged in my stash and found the right colours. They are a bit snug in the leg, but I guess that will get a bit looser when they get worn a bit. I had to knit the heels and toes in red as I didn't had enough ble, but I like it.

Pattern: Marius sokker from Marius strikkebok
Yarn: 53 g Sisu. 16 g red, 28 g white and 31 g blue.
Needles: 2,5 mm
Size: 54 st. Ca. shoesize 34
: January 5 2013
: January 10 2013

Thursday, January 3, 2013

FO's :: Marius hats

Hats for the kids :)

Pattern: Marius lue from Marius strikkebok - can also be found here  and Marius hats - scull, heart, smiley
Yarn: Mor Aase ull/akryl, ca. 42-44 g each hat
Needles: 3 mm
Size: 108 st, 12 rows with blue before decreasing for the boys and 8 rows on Eirin's.
: January 1 2013
: January 3 2013


The kids are back to school, so it's dark before they come home - so no daylight photos...
And I've casted on a headband in marius pattern for myself as I had enough yarn left :) 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

On the needles, on the nightstand and plans for 2013


Knitting: It seems like everyone here in Norway have knitted a project with Marius pattern except me ;) So I had to cast on a hat for each of the kids. If I have enough yarn I might cast on a headband for myself too.

Reading: I manage to read my goal of 100 books in 2012, but I had to speed read a few books and that was not fun. So this year I have set the goal down to just 80 books. The book I am reading now is the 39th book in a norwegian serie called Tre Søstre (Three sisters), set in a nearby village around 1890. Book 52 is coming mid January, so I am a bit behind... My plan is to read all the books from 39 to 52 until the 53rd come out in March/April.

So with a new year ahead of you, what plans do you have?
Each year I join a couple (or more) kals. I usually just manage to keep up the first few months... But this year I have joined a few kals where I can decide myself what I will knit throughout the year.
Like 13 in 2013.

My goals for 2013
  1. 13 pairs of socks/slippers
  2. 13 pairs of mittens/mitts
  3. 13 shawls/cowls
  4. Make 13 things for my kids
  5. Use up 13 of my prettiest skeins in my stash
  6. Make 13 projects from my knitbooks
  7. 13 gifts
  8. Hike to 13 mountaintops
  9. Make 13 projects total for hubby and me
  10. Make 13 projects for the home
  11. Read 13 books with more than 500 pages
  12. Listen to 13 audiobooks
  13. 13 walks / exercise sessions per month
And I guess I'm not the only one with lots of knit books on the shelf  that hasn't been knitted from..?
So I joined the group - Knit in 2013: 13 Patterns from 13 books and here is my list of projects and books to knit from :)
  1. Vott fra Kautokeino from Håndplagg til bunader og folkedrakter
  2. Sweetheart from Knitting Knee-Highs: Sock Styles from Classic to Contemporary
  3. Nuthatch Mittens from Colorwork Creations: Knit Woodland Inspired Hats, Mittens and Gloves
  4. Celtic Spirit Socks from Sock Club
  5. Inro from Knitted Socks East and West
  6. Hals i hullmønster from Myk design
  7. Plush from Knitting New Mittens & Gloves
  8. Hip and Happenin’ Wristwarmers from Twelve Months of Knitting
  9. Norwegian Snail Mittens from The Knitter’s Book of Yarn
  10. Komi Mittens from Knitting Marvelous Mittens: Ethnic Designs from Russia
  11. Estonian pig from Kiri Kari
  12. Sunshine from Sock Innovation
  13. Lithuanian Amber Socks from Folk Socks
I'm also going to try to knit along with these groups. It might not be each month as I probably only will knit the patterns I like, but it would be great to have a box of finished gifts for next christmas ;)

Dozen Neckwarmers 2013
Dozen Fingerless Mitts 2013
I Make Mittens
Solid Socks
Fingerless Gloves Fanatics 

And a hat and sock kal on a norwegian forum - Uformelt.
I am also going to try to knit up more yarn than I buy.