Thursday, January 31, 2013

Happiness is...

A new knit book!

Happiness is a new knit book :)

I came across this book Latvieša Cimdi in the Knit Like A Latvian group at Ravelry in November last year. I could not afford the book then, but have bought it as a birthday present for myself ;)
There are so many beautiful mittens in this book I don't know which one I shall knit first... Erlend asked me to knit him a pair of new mittens, so there might be a pair for him first.
I think the group is going to have a kal next month, so I might join them as well. I bough my book from here.
Here's a video were the author talks about the book. I don't understand a word, but there is so many beautiful mittens in it so you have to watch it!


  1. Oh, Hege!! Thanks so much for sharing this!! That video was amazing---it looked like a news report; I can't imagine ever seeing a news segment in the states that not only would cover something like knitting heritage, but give so much time and detail to it!!! It was wonderful
    You really have a treasure in that book!!! (I have some mitts on my needles now from Selbuvotter!!)

  2. Super super super! Mange tusen takk for Video.
    Jeg er total begeistret. Mønster er så deilig og så mange det er herlig.
    Jeg gleder meg å se til blogg din vottene din... og jeg håper kjanske
    jeg kan strikke også votter så deilig. Jeg har i blogg min 10. januar også fint mønster med lue. Stor klem fra Viola.

  3. thank you so much for sharing hege and happy birthday to you. those were the most beautiful mittens i've ever seen, i can't wait to see them come off your needles too!

  4. What a great find. Right up your alley.


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