Sunday, February 3, 2013

Weekending :: The Sun is back


-20C here today and the sun is back



This weekend started with a trip to my local yarn store :)
I am trying not to buy so much yarn this year, but all of these skeins are
for planned projects. Mostly socks.
We have spent a lot of time outdoors.
We went skiing and snow shoeing in the woods.
Endre has finally gotten the hang of it and he is so proud of himself :)
Sunday breakfast with homebaked rolls and tea.
Jumping temperatures with -20 C today as the coldest.
But with two layers of wool underneat our winter clothes it's not that cold.
So we headed out today and
made a fire, fried some sausages, drank cocoa
and welcomed the sun which we finally can get a glimpse of through the woods!
There's been some knitting and planning of new projecst to cast on.
Hubby and I have watch the first season of Sherlock
- great series. Just hoping netflix will get the second series soon.
And we have made more ice lanterns.

Joining Amanda for Weekending.


  1. It all looks so beautiful...I love the snow and I love your ice lanterns.I'm just going to check out the link. Ours has all been washed away...the little bit we had but winds are icy and there's a chill in the air and we still may get some more.

    Sherlock is compulsive viewing in our house. I can knit when it's one, I'm on the edge of my seat!

    Thanks for sharing your weekend.

  2. Im trying to not but yarn and yet I bought yarn ;) glad the sun have visited you this weekend, thanks for the Sherlock recommendation, I'll get my husband to find it for us to watch.

  3. The sun looks beautiful through the trees doesn't it? And I love those lanterns again :)

  4. Super cool! As Ice Cube rapped, "Today was a good day."

  5. What idyllic photos you take! The sun peeking through the trees... and the fire. Nice! And just you wait! I've seen season 2 of Sherlock, and it's better than ever. I'm hoping for more! Happy Winter!

  6. Love your ice lanterns and you outside time. So perfect! I stocked up on yarn before Christmas and I'm slowly making my way through it. It feels good to be working on something like a knitting project!


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