Tuesday, February 5, 2013

FO :: Route 66

Route 66 socks

I had my doubts about having enough yarn. And I were right, the light blue ran out a little earlier than I had hoped so I had to make the toes dark blue, but I'm ok with that. If I had known it I would hve mde the ribbing dark blue as well to get them to match a bit more. But I don't bother to rip and do it over - that part is under my jeans anyway ;)

Pattern: Route 66
Yarn: 88 g Sisu, 50 g #7133 and 38 g #5937
Needles: 2,5 mm
: January 28 2013
: February 5 2013 

Route 66 socks & a traditional sock from Senja called Senjalesta - quite similar...

Do you see the similarity?
The other sock is a pair Erlend got a few years ago from one of  Hubby's aunts. Knitted in heavier yarn in a pattern we call "Senjalester". Senja is Norway's second largest island and is just a 15 minutes drive from here. I guess a lady from Senja at some point several years ago started knitting socks with this pattern and then they just got named "Senjalester". "Lester" means socks as in thicker wool socks.  Here is a few on Ravelry :)
The pattern has been used for mittens as well. It's fun to see how patterns travel and changes on the way.

Our weather today

Noticed the snowy socks in the second photo?
Well, this is our weather today - in one of the moments of calm weather. I took a couple of photos and then a gust of blowing snow came and covered the socks... Great for drying my laundry though ;)


  1. You finished them! They look great. Aren't the older ones fun - the stripe along the heel and foot is fab X

  2. Kjempefine sokker! Syns ikke det gjorde noe med grønn ribb jeg.

  3. It's gorgeous! So much patience!

  4. Så artig at du har strikket så fine Senjalester, og fortalt historien rundt de! Min mormor bor på Senja, og hun har strikket mange par Senjalester til mine barn og de andre oldebarna. Hun har også strikket votter i mønsteret. Min datter er så glad i sine votter ( ja, lestene også, som har blitt stoppet flere ganger) Du har en kjempefin blogg som jeg nå er blitt følger av. Gleder med til å ta en titt på alle de andre flotte innleggene dine. Ha en fin dag, det er iallfall et nydelig vintervær her i nord i dag. Hilsen Ingrid

  5. I love those Route 66 socks! And that is hilarious that the wind blew the snow over your socks. :-)

  6. Wow, these are intense! Awesome!!

  7. I love the 3D effect... happy to see that you have the sun back!


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