Monday, February 18, 2013

FO :: Business Casual

Business Casual Socks

Hubby complained that there was no clean socks and those who were had holes in them.
So I guess it is a good thing that this pair got of the neeles today ;)

Pattern: Business Casual Socks
Yarn: 79 g Fabel
Needles: 2,5 mm
Size: Large - 72 st
Modifications: Instead of C2F: Knit 2nd st on lefthand needle through the back loop, knit first st, slip both sts off together
Instead of C2B: K2tog, leave sts on lefthand needle, knit first st again, slip both sts off together
So much easier than fiddling with a cable needle!
: February 6 2013
: February 18 2013 

Business Casual Socks


  1. That's a great way for cableing without a needle. I hate dropping stitches, especially with slippery yarns.

  2. Very smart socks and thanks for the cabling tip!

  3. Superb! And they look warm too.

  4. oh he must be very pleased! beautiful socks

  5. Great, solid socks for your hubb. They look really cozy and warm.

  6. Oh, I love these socks! They would be great for either a man or woman. Well done!


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