Wednesday, February 27, 2013

On the needles


Reading: I'm still in the world of Matthew Shardlake and I love this mystery story set in the Tudor time! I am also reading a few norwegian historical fiction series - Tre Søstre, Årringer and Nattmannens datter.

Knitting: I am about to start the heels on the socks I'm knitting for Hubby's brother. Yes, I am knitting all four socks at the same time ;) It goes faster that way. The purple projects is a hat. Hopefully it will fit Eirin.

The kids have their winter break this week. So far we have spent it indoors due to a heavy rainstorm. It's been raining more or less nonstop since Friday. It hasen't rained this much in this area in February for over 50 years... So there has been a lot of flooding and snow and slush avalanches. The roads have been flooded and are very slippery as they are full of ice. It seem like the worst will be over by tomorrow, so hopefully we can spend some time outdoors this weekend :) 

Today we have baked cinnamon knots - yummy!


Thursday, February 21, 2013

FO :: Business Casual #2

Business Casual #2

My second pair of Business Casual socks got off the needles today.
They will warm my sisters feet - so I hope she will like them.
I really like this pattern, it's fast and easy to memorize. And that might be a good thing as I have agreed to knit hubby's brother two pairs...

Business Casual #2

Pattern: Business Casual
Yarn: 63 g Fabel #623pl
Needles: 2,5 mm
Size: small - 64 sts
Modifications: Instead of C2F: Knit 2nd st on lefthand needle through the back loop, knit first st, slip both sts off together
Instead of C2B: K2tog, leave sts on lefthand needle, knit first st again, slip both sts off together
So much easier than fiddling with a cable needle!
Started: February 6 2013
: February 21 2013

Monday, February 18, 2013

FO :: Business Casual

Business Casual Socks

Hubby complained that there was no clean socks and those who were had holes in them.
So I guess it is a good thing that this pair got of the neeles today ;)

Pattern: Business Casual Socks
Yarn: 79 g Fabel
Needles: 2,5 mm
Size: Large - 72 st
Modifications: Instead of C2F: Knit 2nd st on lefthand needle through the back loop, knit first st, slip both sts off together
Instead of C2B: K2tog, leave sts on lefthand needle, knit first st again, slip both sts off together
So much easier than fiddling with a cable needle!
: February 6 2013
: February 18 2013 

Business Casual Socks

Sunday, February 17, 2013





It feels like this weekend has flown away...
We've been skiing/snowshoeing.
The sun is starting to feel somewhat warm :)
I've made cereal - yummy!
Lots of lego and Ninja Turtles.
Bread baking.
Dinner plans for the coming week.
Knitting, knitting and more knitting. FO post coming soon :)
A trip to the library - so I have a few books I'm eager to start reading.
Planning new knit projects.
And of course tea.

How's your weeknd been?

Joining Amanda for Weekending.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

FO :: Rakkaudella sinun


Or love you translated from Finnish.
And what's better than a new hat with hearts on Valentines day..?
We don't celebrate it much here in Norway, but it's nice to share some love!
Sorry about the bad photo - taken 7.20 with my phone before she went to wait for the schoolbus... Red is so hard to capture in the dark. So maybe we'll take some more photos when she gets home and it's better light.

Pattern: Rakkaudella sinun
Yarn: 34 g Mor Aase ul/akryl
Needles: 3,5 mm

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

On the needles and between the pages


Knitting: The socks are still a fun knit :) Hubby's are almost done, just the toes left to knit and I'm about to knit the heel on the pink pair. I had to have something else to knit on too, so I casted on a hat yesterday. Hopefully it will fit Eirin.

Reading: I've had Dissolution in my shelf some years now, and desided to start reading the Matthew Shardlake series the other day. I'm just a couple of chapter in, so it's not very exciting yet, but I hope this will be a great historical mystery series! As the translated version cost a lot, I have bought the rest of the series in English. I'm also reading the last book in the Red Ruby Trilogy - Emerald Green. A good young adult series about timetravelling :)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

On the needles :: Business Casual Socks


I desided to join Kelly in the Business Casual Kal.
I really like the pattern so I casted on two pairs - one for hubby and one for my sister. It's an easy pattern to memorize so I think these will fly off the needles :)
Both are knitted in Fabel from Drops.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

FO :: Route 66

Route 66 socks

I had my doubts about having enough yarn. And I were right, the light blue ran out a little earlier than I had hoped so I had to make the toes dark blue, but I'm ok with that. If I had known it I would hve mde the ribbing dark blue as well to get them to match a bit more. But I don't bother to rip and do it over - that part is under my jeans anyway ;)

Pattern: Route 66
Yarn: 88 g Sisu, 50 g #7133 and 38 g #5937
Needles: 2,5 mm
: January 28 2013
: February 5 2013 

Route 66 socks & a traditional sock from Senja called Senjalesta - quite similar...

Do you see the similarity?
The other sock is a pair Erlend got a few years ago from one of  Hubby's aunts. Knitted in heavier yarn in a pattern we call "Senjalester". Senja is Norway's second largest island and is just a 15 minutes drive from here. I guess a lady from Senja at some point several years ago started knitting socks with this pattern and then they just got named "Senjalester". "Lester" means socks as in thicker wool socks.  Here is a few on Ravelry :)
The pattern has been used for mittens as well. It's fun to see how patterns travel and changes on the way.

Our weather today

Noticed the snowy socks in the second photo?
Well, this is our weather today - in one of the moments of calm weather. I took a couple of photos and then a gust of blowing snow came and covered the socks... Great for drying my laundry though ;)

Monday, February 4, 2013

FO :: Mad Cat Handwarmers


I found this cute pattern a few days ago and just had to make a pair for Eirin :)

Pattern: Mad Cat Handwarmers
Yarn: 32 g blac and 5 g white Mor Aase Baby
Needles: 2 mm
: January 31 2013
: February 3 2013



Sorry for the blurry photo... Black and fading daylight are not a good combination...

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Weekending :: The Sun is back


-20C here today and the sun is back



This weekend started with a trip to my local yarn store :)
I am trying not to buy so much yarn this year, but all of these skeins are
for planned projects. Mostly socks.
We have spent a lot of time outdoors.
We went skiing and snow shoeing in the woods.
Endre has finally gotten the hang of it and he is so proud of himself :)
Sunday breakfast with homebaked rolls and tea.
Jumping temperatures with -20 C today as the coldest.
But with two layers of wool underneat our winter clothes it's not that cold.
So we headed out today and
made a fire, fried some sausages, drank cocoa
and welcomed the sun which we finally can get a glimpse of through the woods!
There's been some knitting and planning of new projecst to cast on.
Hubby and I have watch the first season of Sherlock
- great series. Just hoping netflix will get the second series soon.
And we have made more ice lanterns.

Joining Amanda for Weekending.