Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer Loving Photo Week - Day 5

eating outside

It's the last day of these summer loving photos,
and it has been fun :o)
Some of the things I love to do during summer
is to eat the meals outside.
And with some knitting on the side, it's complete.
Today was Erlend's last day at school, so now it's really summer.
Can't wait to sleep a little longer in the mornings :o)



  1. Hi,

    Just wanted to let you know that we've just linked to your blog from :)

  2. It looks nice, the place where you have your outside meals, and Endre is cute as a butoon ,as usual.
    Erlend must be very happy too, that school is out for the summer.
    I just realized, all your kids names start with "E"! :o)

  3. We love to eat outside a lot of the year. We've been having a heat wave this week though, so I'm hiding in the house.

    I tagged you for a if only if you feel like it:)

  4. Så kjekt med unger som koser seg. Skoleferie og sommer er lykken i den alderen!

    Takk for hilsen på bloggen min.

  5. I love summer! It's 98 degrees here today and we're going over to a park to eat dinner. Are we crazy? The food and the knitting looks great!

  6. Your pictures are lovely, thank you for playing along this week!


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