Tuesday, October 28, 2008

First snow :)

First snow

Well, I thought the snow wouldn't come until next week,
but it came today.
It's been snowing nonstop since 11 o'clock.
And the kids are thrilled :)
Big snowflakes that tickles your nose.
At first everything was covered with snow
like icing sugar on a cake.
But now everything is covered with 4 cm of snow,
the trees are all white.
And as Endre said when it first started to snow:
"Now it's christmas-yeah"
It sure gives me a feeling of christmas :)
But as always with the first snow
- it do not stay for long,
so I guess it will be gone in a few days.


  1. wow, snow!! I hope it will come to Finland too ;)

  2. Oh the first snow is always so magical and fun. :)

  3. Snø allerede? Det var jammen tidlig. Håper den holder seg borte herfra, selv om det ser ut til at ungene liker det godt :)

  4. How fun to have snow already! We are having a beautiful indian summer right now but I know the chill is on it's way!

  5. Heldiggriser:-) Her i Tromsø har det vært minusgrader men klarvær i dag, så ingen snø. Synes det er fint med snø når det har blitt så mørkt som nå, våt og svart asfalt er i alle fall bare trist.

  6. Vad härligt det ser ut!! Längtar också efter snö ( och Norge!).

  7. Lucky you! We've only had rain this far. I am hoping for a white and cold winter!

  8. Jipiii!!! Snow!!! Could you sent some snow to F-land too.?.just cause might wanna sing some x-mas songs...well,could be like white x-mas -song,know it?..of course you know =))
    It´s so great how the snow turns to think some x-mas every year and evenings gets some lights outside...here´s been so dark like living in santa´s sack (lot to do in that sack too ;))) )
    Anyway Thanks for visiting, Happy snowy days to you & kids =)

  9. So fun the first snow! We had ours a few weeks ago and are now back in the seventies...crazy :).

  10. uff...ja, snøen har komt her også og mens jeg uffer meg så fryder ungane seg......)
    Tusen takk for kommentar :)

    Ønsker deg en fin onsdagskveld :)

  11. Snow already! Wow. Snow is so very Christmassy.

  12. Herlig med litt snø - som de fleste har fått med seg, har vi søringer også fått! Deilig! Du lager så mye fint til barna - jeg er veldig imponert over tempoet!!

  13. Wow! The first snow of the season is always so cool...and I love your new banner!

  14. Welcome to my ravelry group Lesser Known Skeins.
    Your Blog is great with many amazing things that you have made. I will visit often.

  15. ahhh! it really is beautiful.
    even i get excited about the first snowfall!

  16. We had our first snow a few weeks ago already. I was very happy to see it go. There are still way too many months of snow to come. Today, though, is very nice and sunny. No snowsuits for the kids to treat or treat in! Yea!

  17. Nice pictures. I love snow but we hardly have any snow the last few years.

  18. ooo, first snow ....already :)

    i love your blog banner :) it`s great

  19. Oh how lovely! It has been snowing here off and on all day, but the ground is too warm for it to stay. We are supposed to get it accumulating over night. Yeah!! Snow means knitting!!!!

  20. Hello! I changed my blog to private and wanted to send you an invitation, but can't seem to locate your email address. lol. Email me and let me know if you'd like an invitation, ok?


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