Thursday, November 6, 2008


Our modem broke last friday so we have been without internet for 6 long days...
But it's amazing how much I have done these days *lol* Lots of hours spent on knitting instead of surfing blogs and ravelry ;) So first off my needles was a pair of selbu mittens for Erlend. With the snow we got last week (which now is gone with the rain and has turned into ice instead...), I really had to speed up my mitten knitting.


Even though the patterns for these are for a woman's hand, they just fit Erlend. I even knitted them on 2,5 mm instead of 2 mm as the pattern told.

selbuvotter 1

Pattern: 8. Damevott/Woman's mitten from Rauma LVS-5 Selbustrikk.
Yarn: 50 g blue & 50 g white PT2.
Needles: 2,5 mm.

selbuvotter 2

I have knitted lots of mittens that needs to be felted and two pairs of socks for my sister too, but I'll blog about them next time.
Now I'm off to check my google reader - there is 888 post to read! So I see that everyone else has been very busy ;)


  1. Flotte votter.Hadde nesten glemt at jeg hadde det heftet.Ha ei fin helg.

  2. Lovely mittens. These would take me forever! :o)

  3. I am simply amazed with your talent. These are just lovely!

  4. Very pretty! Your colorwork is amazing!

  5. So beautiful mittens you have made. Looks warm too.

  6. These are very beautiful!!

  7. The mittens are beautiful! Nice to have so much knitting time;-)

  8. Those mittens are beautiful! I was wondering where you went. Knitting amazing things as always :).

  9. Knallfine votter, utrolig lekkert mønster inni hånda, falt helt for disse jeg!

  10. Utrolig flotte! Særlig innsiden på vottene var kjempe fin! Og så likte jeg fargene godt!


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