Thursday, November 13, 2008

Book week ::: Day 4

High in the clouds1

Høyt i det blå or High in the clouds is a book for the little older kids. I have read it for Erlend and he liked it. So I'll have to read it for Eirin soon. It's written by Paul McCartney and the illustrations are beautiful!

High in the clouds2

One day Ebbe Ekorn (Wirral the squirrel) has to leave his forest because the evil Gretsch is destroying it. He leaves to try to find the fabled land of Dyreriket (Animalia), where all animals can live in freedom.

High in the clouds3

On his way he meet among others the brave squirrel girl Edvina (Wilhamina), Ratsi and the frog Frosko (Froggo). His plan is to save all enslaved animals. And it turns into a danger and exciting adventure.

High in the clouds7


High in the clouds5


High in the clouds6

Gladys the opera singing crocodile ;)

High in the clouds4

Ebbe (Wirral) finds Dyreriket (Animalia) and with the help of the animals living there they manage to release all enslaved animals and beat Gretsch.

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