Tuesday, November 18, 2008

W I P - Longies

I had hoped to have some finished knitting to show you... But I don't.
My plan was to finish a pair of longies for Endre during the weekend, but my arms hurts again... And they didn't get any better after some snow shoveling yesterday. So I might lay off my needles a couple of days to see if they gets any better *sigh*

But here you can see the longies in the prosess.


I found this on my blog surfing this morning ;)

Outside my Window...
Is it starting to get lighter, but it's raining...
I am thinking... That I might change the curtains in the livingroom today.
I am thankful for... My kids, Hubby, friends and family.
From the kitchen... Some slices of bread are waiting for me to deside what to put on them. (Haven't had breakfast yet..)
I am creating... Some christmas presents.
I am going... To make me a cup of tea now.
I am reading... "Lyden av de andre som bor her" by Solveig Moen Rusten.
I am hoping... That the rain dosn't turn the road full of ice. I want snow not rain!
I am hearing... Crakling from the fireplace and Endre playing with duplo.
Around the house... Is there a lot of things that I should have done (laundry, dishes and so on...)
One of my favorite things... Chocolate. And I'm hoping my package from my secret friend in a chocolate swap at Ravelry will show up in my mailbox today.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... Bake bread, do the laundry and put away clean clothes, do some knitting, sleep a few hours longer i the morning on Friday - the kids has free from school that day ;)


  1. Det ser ut som det blir en flott strikkabukse. Regner med vi får se det ferdige resultatet også .)

  2. I loved reading this. Just wanted to say that. :)

  3. Flott bukse, får håpe armene er samarbeidsvillige. Det er jo krise for en strikker :)

  4. Herliger farger på buksen, striper er friskt!

  5. Nice post. I love the longies. I really hope your arms start feeling better.

  6. Herlig og fargerik bukse! Håper armene dine blir bedre.

  7. Dette kommer til og bli en flott bukse som varmer i kalde dager:-)

  8. The longies are so cute! Can't wait to see them done.


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