Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Felted mittens and a riddle

felted mittens

7 pairs of felted mittens are done. It's a fast knit, but I got a little fed up at the end. Erlend and Eirin want a pair each, and I can't blame them. I love felted mittens too, and would love to have a pair myself ;) So I might pick up those thick needles ad thin woolyarn again...

Pattern: From the book Krymp.
Yarn: pt2, finull garn and hifa 2
Needles: 6 mm
Sizes: Women, 4-6 years and 2 years. I have felted them on 40 and 60 degrees, so some pairs are a bit thicker than the others.


And I have started on a new project :) It such fun to knit with stripes - you can see how the knitting keep on growing.
And here's a little riddle for you ;)

Which way are the bus on the drawing driving?? Left or right?
I'll tell you tomorrow *lol*


  1. Oj, vad ambitiös du har varit! Skulle också vilja ha ett par filtade vantar - ska nog pröva.
    Den där bussen förstår jag inte alls...

  2. den kjøre t venstre ;) ska ikke sei koffer.. sånn i tilfelle di andre ikke vet.

  3. Kjempefine!! :)

    Et spørsmål: Når du strikker for å tove etterpå... hvor mye større må du strikke votten da? Har kjempelyst til å prøve, for jeg har et garn som ville blitt veldig fint i tova form - men jeg er redd jeg skal bomme seriøst på størrelsen!

  4. Great mittens! I want to make a few felted mittens this year for Christmas gifts. They are so nice. No clue on the riddle.

  5. Love the mittens! How cozy. I've always wondered just how light or dark it usually is way up north in the winter. I must visit Norway in the winter sometime to find out.

  6. What a lovely mittens. I like the colours!


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