Wednesday, November 19, 2008

If a dog was your teatcher...

I found this at Spurv og kanoner, and thought it was so beautiful I just had to share!

If a dog was your teatcher you might have learned these things:

* When someone you love comes home, always run and meet them.

* Always let the feeling of fresh air and wind against your face be a good enough reason for ecstatic happiness.


* Don't bite if it's enough to growl.

* Let others know it if they trespass your territory.

* Take a nap now and then, and always stretch good before you get up.

Being sick

* Enjoy all the attention you get, don't be afraid of other peoples touch.

* If it's hot outside, take a break now and then and lay down in the gras.

* When you are happy, dance and shake your body.

* No matter how often you get nagged on - don't get sulk. Run back at once and make friends again instead.

* Enjoy the simple pleasure of a walk.

high grass

* Be loyal.

* Run, jump and play a while each day.

Making snowangeles

* Never pretend to be someone you are not.

* If something you want is buried, dig until you find it.

* When someone has a bad day - be quiet, sit near by and offer comfort just by beeing there.



  1. Åh! Denne var kjempesøt - ble i godt humør av å lese den. Og fikk litt lyst på en valp...bare synd jeg er allergiker

  2. Some great advice to think about.

    I love how you were able to put some photos with some of the words. Very nice!

  3. Isn't that the truth! That's why I love my dogs so much, they are true and simple, no complicated human crap. Love how you put pictures in this from your lovely children.

  4. Selvsagt er det greit at du brukte den...gode ord kan ikke sies for ofte ;) Veldig koselige bilder også.

  5. That is so sweet. I love our dogs and I think I'll try harder to be a bit more like them :).

  6. Søtt altså-- jeg leste det høyt til hunden, og han fulgte med med høflig oppmerksomhet.

  7. Heipådeg! Er litt treg i avtrekkeren men nå linker jeg deg!!

  8. Love those words and pictures. Thanks for sharing that!

  9. What a lovely thoughts and so true! This is also the reason I am so happy with my pup.
    The pictures are great by the way.


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