Friday, November 21, 2008

Monster pants


Can you guess why this little guy is dancing a happy dance today??


His monster pants are done. He's been waiting for it a while now, and my arms got well after some days without knitting, so I could finish it this morning. After seeing crankypantsknits pants at flikr, I knew I had to knit one for Endre someday.

Pattern: A standard pants pattern, inspired by crankypantsknits (her blog), Galadriel, Sigyn, Gurimalla og Kristine.
Yarn: A mix of different leftovers of superwash. Mostly Mor Aase.
Needles: 3 mm


I even remeber to use jogless jog on the stripes ;) I'm really happy with these pants and I might knit up one more to give as a christmas present.


And we have got so much snow the last week that we could go sledging today. The kids have a day off from school today, so we could all get out and have some fun when it was still some daylight left.


A little to much snow in my opinion - at least when I have to drag a 3 yo in deep snow (25 cm...)
Oh, I can't wait until we get some hard snow to walk on.


But it's worth it when you see these happy faces! Even Erlend and Eirin managed to sledge together without quarreling :)


Have a great weekend all!
I've started to knit on some more christmas presents - some mittens ;)


  1. Those pants are absolutely adorable!!!!! :) And the smile on his face...oh it's just so cute. He is really happy to have monster pants. :)

  2. Cute longies!!

    We had enough snow to just barely cover the ground a couple of days ago and the bigger kids spent the whole afternoon running around in it before it melted away!

  3. I am completely in love with the monster pants! That snow looks like SO much fun!

  4. Wow the snow!! And your monster pants are fabulous!!

  5. I'd be smiling like that, too, if I had some Monster Pants!! They're just too cute. And look at all that snow - wow!

  6. I just love the Monster Pants.
    By the way I enjoy feeding the fish. So sad I have no life.

  7. Wow, what absolutely fantastic pants! I wish I had the pattern when my children were younger.
    Have a nice weekend!

  8. Too fun! I wish I had a grandbaby to knit them for.

  9. The monster pants are just too cute for words!! And the look on Endre's face is priceless!

  10. I also think this idea is cool ;) ;) I already asked my friend to knit pants like those to Mirko, when I found them in Ravelry a while ago.

  11. I love it! So awesome! Now, if only I had someone to knit them for. :)

  12. Herlige Hege, er det slik man skifter farger uten at det ser ut som et makkverk. Du er min strikkeguru. fortsatt god uke


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